Field Expedient Entry and Egress Keys - Access Tools

"Keys" for Field Expedient Access

SUMMARY: When a Life Altering Event (LAE) occurs, unlikely resources will still be available in a city landscape but may require unique tools (keys) to access. These tools are readily available online now so don't wait for an LAE. Think ahead. Prepare now. Grab a few of these keys as you see relevant to your planning process.

Keep surreptitious access solutions for gas and water valves, elevator, locked cabinets, and subway access. Your kit should have basic tools in addition to task specific keys and wrenches that can be used in the urban environment.

》Silcock Key/Wrench - Consider a silcock key for commercial water access. It's a "wrench" used to open tamper-resistant hose bibs (water spigot.) Search online for the "4-way key" as it will give you access to multiple size bibs. Or look for a multi-function key that could aid in other emergencies (like when you're stuck in an elevator). Look for restricted water spigots during routine outings. You'll spot them on the exterior walls of gas stations, rest stops, and shopping malls. If the water still runs after an LAE but you need to keep a low profile and avoid entering a business, accessing water from the back of the building is a safe bet. If the power is out and a rural fire department uses a generator to power their water pump, you can use this key to access water. There are scenarios for the Silcock Key. Pre-plan ways it could help you.

》Universal handcuff key - for unlawful detainments. Think hostage situations, third world countries, non-governmental capture, home invasion. Keep this key concealed about your person. 

》CH751 - This is the most universally used key and aside from the Silcock and cuff key, it's the third most important key to keep on your ring. It opens wafer locks used on almost everything "cheap" that locks. Valet key box, office cabinets, drawers, truck storage boxes, etc. Consider its use after an LAE. Use IOT to gain access to life saving supplies, tools, and intel. 

》84-16120 - Garage and gate control boxes, telephone entry systems and keypads.

》FEO-K1 - A common elevator key.

》E114 - Commercial bathroom dispensers (soap, paper.)

》1284x - entry key for Ford Crown Victoria fleets, (LE & Taxis).

》C390A, C413A, C415A, C420A, C642A, C346A - Grainger brand filing cabinet, officer cabinets, drawer key.

》CH501 - Truck bed toolboxes, utility storage chests and vehicle accessories.

》2642 - Firefighter service elevators recall and priority access.

Remember, most of the applications above are for LAE and a WROL environment where it's use could aid in your sustainment. Practice and plan now but don't operate outside the confines of the law and ethical rules.