Freezer & Fridge Cooler install and other projects at the Cabin.

Here's what we did this week;

1. @dometic cooling box installed, wired to @inergy_technologies Kodiak Generator powered by @bosswattsolar. This fridge has a 75 liter capacity. It's dual zone fridge and freezer make it easy to keep various items at two separate and stable temps. The Dometic CFX portable fridge/freezer has an excellent cooling performance, even in high ambient temperatures like those our cabin will see in the summer. Robust construction, powerful and efficient cooling, this model even allows convenient temperature control via its WiFi app! We disable the WiFi and put it in low power mode to extend it's life since we are using solar energy. We wired it ourselves with 8ga wire plugged directly into the Kodiak Generator. solar refrigerator off grid

2. Stove pipe extended behind roof peak, brace installed, @tinylifesupply #pipsqueakstove heated the cabin.Woodstove

3. Underpinning screwed to cabin skirts, helps with insulation, critters, and visuals. Easy enough to screw on some satin black ply boards to the base of the cabin.

4. Water tank installed and hooked up to in house plumbing. 275 gallons. So nice to have really clean water. We found a few salamanders bodies and middle in rainfall water barrels we had been using. We will paint this tank black to help cut down on the build up. We'll also use it as a table top and soon get it hooked up to the gutter. The rain water will fall on the tin roof, slide down into the foam block in the gutter, run thru the 1 micron filter we use in our #filterbandana at @superessestraps, then make it's way into the tank.

That's how we are getting water at the #offgrid #cabin. Thoughts? #rainwatercollection #rainbarrel #offgridwater #survival #bugout 

5. HD Television antenna mounted, we now can get TV channels. It's nice to be able to watch some westerns or the morning news.

#cabin #camping #offgrid #survival #woodstove #rv #tinyhome

 6. Food and Electrical Panty had lights added. In our #offgridcabin we have a food pantry. It's mainly canned foods, packaged snacks, side dishes, noodles, etc. Its not our emergency #shtf food. We have @legacyfood and #MREs for that.

In this pantry we also keep our #kodiak #solar #lithiumgenerator. There are a lot of wires and plugs coming in and out of the @inergy_technologies Kodiak.

We wanted an easy on/off light to illuminate our food stuffs and our Generator. We're using button lamps. They are peel and stick lights. Attaches easily to stays out, switches on with a clever lever, and is very bright. It's little details like this that I enjoy. What lights your small spaces? #ledlight #foodpantry #tinyhome #foodpreps