SHTF Window Security Shutters and Homestead Defense

Consider "working" window shutters. They can still look decorative but actually serve the original intent and purpose of window coverings by protecting from storms and intruders alike. Below is an excerpt from our "Target Hardening guide for Homestead SHTF". The whole guide is extensive but I've shared a few highlights in regards defensing the property and building entries. Let's dive in...

Window Security Shutters

ENTRY POINT SECURITY - Ensure your windows and doors are secure against routine breaking and entering attempts and can withstand a kick or strike. It goes without saying these ways should remain locked when unattended.

❏ Doors.
βž” Should offer 2-3 locking mechanisms with at least one deadbolt. #Deadbolt should
be set into a strike plate secured with at least 3” screws.
βž” Door Chain Lock can be installed for a minimal level of #security when speaking
with someone through a semi-open door.
βž” Peephole. Peephole should offer 220 degree view or greater. Peephole should
have a cover.

❏ Windows.
βž” Keep windows locked when not in use for air circulation and always keep locked
when you are not home.
βž” Upgrade #windows with improvised security methods.
β—† Double Hung Windows (the type where the lower half of the window raised up and the top half is fixed) put some screws or nails about 6 inches up above the lower window so that you can still open window but a suspect can not fit through.
β—† Many other type of windows can be secured in this same method. Study the window and see if a nail or screw could be added.
βž” Grates, Wire Mesh, Bars, Shutters.
β—† Functional Shutters offer great protection from the elements and can be designed to
lock from the inside. They are the most visually appealing and they
also block light.
β—† Wire Mesh, Bars, and #Shutters may be against some fire codes so check local laws. They should be easily opened or removed from the inside in the event you have to egress.
βž” Upgrade glass.
β—† #Reinforcedglass such as laminated or tempered will offer more protection and take multiple strikes to break.
β—† Polycarbonate and #Plexiglas are your best option thought a little more costly. They allow light in but are just about as secure as adding steel bars.

Target Hardening window security


ACCESS CONTROL - This is the β€œdesign” which deters entry from non-preferred area and allows for securing primary entry points.
❏ Design driveway, perimeter, fencing, walking paths, etc; in a manner which directs visitors to the preferred entry point.
βž” A line of bushes across the front yard, flower beds, fencing can show that
someone is not supposed to cross there and if they do, they are a suspect.
βž” A sidewalk or pathway leading to your front door will also define the design that
you want people to only approach your front door using that path. If you see anyone approaching your home from a path not designed to go to your intended point of entry, they are a suspect. This gives you time to secure your doors, call for assistance, and gather self defensive weapons.
βž” The idea is to make it obvious to you and your neighbors that someone
unwanted is on your property so that precautions and actions can be taken.

PERIMETER BARRICADES - This is the used of fencing, bollards, poles, trees, and barriers to protect the outer area of you curtilage.
❏ Fencing. Consider if fencing should be β€œprivacy”, which conceals your property/valuables and actions within, or if it should be non-opaque which would allow for neighbors and first responders to observe for suspicious activity. There is no right choice for everyone.
βž” Chain Link: Should be 7’ high with no more than 2” cross webbing.
βž” Wood/Stick Built: Boards should be vertical to prevent climbing.
βž” Wrought Iron: Use spear points on top of fence to deter climbing.
❏ Vehicle Barriers. Use these to control access to property and prevent vehicle borne attacks or vehicle crashes on property.
βž” Jersey Barriers
βž” Bollards
βž” 4x4 Posts
βž” Curbs (offers limited protection)
βž” Mature Trees
❏ Install gated entry with locking feature.

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