Generator and Air Conditioner Install, Rainwater Setup, Trail Security Camera and Steel Target Update.

Randomness from the cabin. New target from @xsteel_targets. New Generator for powering the #airconditioner. Cool Bluetooth app to manage it. Of course we're steel relying on the @inergy_technologies #kodiakgenerator to power everything else. The Kodiak is recharged by the sun harnessed by @bosswattsolar and @powerfilmsolar. Watching Redbox movies, cooking, playing with #mansbestfriend, and trying to @getapinelife .

Steel targetKodiak solar Generator

Out at the lands with the dogs. Was a good week. Got AC installed. New Generator hooked up. Reevaluated the battery bank and now have the load hooked to the two ends of the parallel. We think this will give a more equal drain/charge on the system. Put up a new target and have a gun mount for zeroing. Padded my sleeping loft. Tweaked some things in the kitchen. Hooked up to rain water collection barrels and put them in a series to feed into our water for the cabin. 

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We had trouble with our Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Super Quiet Gasoline Powered Digital Inverter Generator. The starting surge wattage of the Haire Air Conditioner must be about 2,400 so we are right on the threshold of the Ryobi capabilities. We found that starting the AC on a low fan while the generator is off of idle is our best bet. It starts about half the time. We'll keep doing this until it doesn't work. We need the 10,000 BTU power of this AC at least until we finish insulation of the cabin. 

We're about ready to install a gutter with a collection downspout device that will route excess water to a drain after the cisterns are full. Wehave all we need for the install and we've already linked our two barrels and put them on a raised platform. We just need to install the gutter to the side of the cabin, we have a mount ready, just have to get it up then run the feed into the barrels. 

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So tonight we had a scare. We had an activation on our @spypointcamera and what you can't see here is what made us so concerned. This camera is our first line of security to our cabin at #thelandbysuperesse.

We have a gate(composed of a heavy steel chain, to steep posts, and a red sign having from the middle of the chain). In this photo you can see it. We could not see the sign in this capture. With it being so late at night I decided to call the local Sheriff's Office. I also contacted my brother and nephew. Long story short they all arrived at the same time to check on the cabin. The sign and chain we're secure. It was so dark it just didn't show up in camera. We have since put a reflector on the sign. Now we can tell in the future if the chain has been cut and if someone is trespassing.

It's great to have a sense of security and know that this camera will capture any marauders. We've lowered the sensitivity so the wind will not active it anymore.
If you have a rural unattended property; get a camera like this one and call you local law enforcement to so checks on it while you're away.

Photo 1: This shot we got that concerned us. Photo 2: What the same shot looks like in the day time. Photo 3: Shows my Jeep and how clear the photos are, even clearer when downloaded from the camera itself. Photo 5: Dashboard of the app.

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