Outdoor Shower and Wood Floor Install, playing with the Breach Pen.

4 days at the cabin. Plenty of work done. Plenty of relaxing. Each day we battled the heat. We ate meat. We watched movies. Explored. My dogs enjoyed the outdoors. I got to review some new items. All in all, it was a successful week. Here's a recap.


July 4th- I had brats and shot guns on our range. It was a nice day, though hot, to plink with my M&P15-22 SPORT. Simply shooting cans with a 22LR is fun. Then we worked on reactive target shooting with my DSA ZM4 16" mid-length flat top carbine, 5.56mm. We shot the the Texas Star spinning steel target by XSteel Targets

The AC appeared to keep overloading the Ryobi generator which was bordline capable of handling the running watts but not the starting watts of the AC. It got got in the cabin 93°f hot.

 Offgris Generator

July 5th- An early morning trip to pick up a decade old Generator didn't do the trick either. Though it was technically capable, it's age showed. We started to think it was the AC. We bought a new portable unit. It didn't work either. For sure it's the generator afterall. We got a new Generator. That was the trick. We brought back the AC. Cool air is now in the cabin.


A shower is needed when staying at the cabin for more than a night. First a shower head was attached to a simple water hose. The water comes from a 2GPM pump powered by a battery in our bank that is recharged by Boss Watt Solar and managed by the solar controller in our Kodiak Lithium Generator.

We used some dry bamboo rods nailed to nature's trees to create a privacy wall. The shower is built onto to wood pallets with a handy piece of tin for that much need art-deco look. 

The area doubles as an outhouse using a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat. Don't forget to add a tiki torch to keep the bugs away.

July 6th- We organized the cabin and laid out floor padding/insulation then began snapping in the laminate wood flooring. It seems to make the cabin look so much bigger and helps make cleanup much easier. We had to unplug our gas generators during the install so it was nice to still have the kodiak generator for running some fans and lighting. We also started the setup for where we will be installing our Pipsqueak Wood Burning Stove from Tiny Life Supply.

July 7th- We tried blowing up the beaver dam with tannerite. Didn't work but it was fun. We used the massively powerful mix from Earthquake Targets.

We also tested out the Breach Pen