Peephole Security Considerations - Answering the door to a stranger.

Door #peepholes are a great way to check who's there without unlocking your door and exposing yourself but.... take the following into consideration first.

Home Security for SHTF

🚪1. When you approach the door you cast a shadow alerting the unknown guest of your arrival in front of the door. If they are armed this is their opportunity to bust the door open into you or to shoot you; or at the very least to know someone is home.

🚪2. Use an alternative viewpoint such as a side window (upstairs preferred) or digital security camera (ring doorbell).

🚪3. Hotel room peepholes can be tampered with. They can be reversed or have a hidden camera added.

🚪4. If you must use a peephole, use a plate cover and only uncovern it when you are ready to peer thru. Stand to the side of the door.

🚪5. Ask person/s to identify themselves. If you are not expecting a delivery or repair, send them away unless ID can be verified prior to opening door.

🚪6. Use a chain lock or door wedge if it must be opened for verification. This will keep the door from being easily forced completely open. If you have a storm door, keep it locked.

🚪7. Keep a firearm or club by the door. Keep your porch light on at all times of darkness. Turning it on as you approach gives away your position.

🚪8. Ignoring the door knock or bell is typically not suggested as it could signal to the suspect the home is empty, meaning they would be more apt to break in.

🚪9. If home alone and you must answer the door, call someone and be on the phone while you open the door or act as if you are talking to someone in a backroom.

🚪10. If you look outside and don't see anyone after a knock, do not open he door to further investigate, this is a common tactic where the criminal hides to the side of door or house.

Most of this is common sense and maybe thought as extreme but caution and preparedness saves lives. Threats occur when least expected. Thinks smart. Be safe. 📲DOWNLOAD our Target Hardening Guide for Home Defense.

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