Prepping OPSEC

Prepping is what will set you apart when SHTF. You'll be the one able to thrive but only if you keep your pre-SHTF prepping routine to yourself.  Operational Security is essential.  This is typically looked at as the practice oprotecting Personally Identifiable Information secured. When it comes to prepping it means keeping the steps you make to be ready, secret. Don't tell friends or neighbors about the stockpile of ammo and canned foods. Don't let on how you go to the range weekly. Don't tell people about your whole home generator. Don't brag about the cash and gold you have in a safe. Your preps your business and everyone that knows about you is a loose end. Loose lips sinks ships. When things get bad, you are the person they'll go to for help. At first they'll ask but later they'll take, by force.

Prepping OPSEC

⚠️Gangs & Raiders (Marauders)
People find strength in numbers.  Locals who are less prepared will opt to prey on those weaker or those that were prepared.  They will target people that are vulnerable or those that appear to have an excess or supplies. Youe forethought to plan ahead could make you victim. Having homestead set off the road means you are less likely to be targeted in the early weeks of SHTF but it also places you in a secluded area where neighbors are less likely to see suspicious activity and where patrol by local law enforcement is less likely to spot a home invasion. When things get bad they may target your house as a means to steep your food,  fuel or anything else. Even a home in a neighborhood isn't safe. In the early stages of SHTF lawlessness is rampant. Desperate and hungry people move in groups to take what they want. This could occur in times of civil unrest as looting but can progress into marauding as things get worse. Create an appearance of occupation st your home. Park additional cars outside to create the illusion there are more people home. Hide your supplies inside. Don't advertise you are a prepper. Employ target hardening techniques to protect yourself and property. 

⚠️Desperate Neighbors
Not only could your next door neighbor be a potential marauder but they could be the ones torture tour over to #FEMA . If the government creates a reallocation program where supplies are seized from large businesses and private citizens; expect your neigbor to report you in hopes the government takes your food and redistributes it to them. Additionally, your neighbors could turn against you and take what they want. The know you routine, they know when you are gone. Keep a keen eye and shield your preps.

⚠️Prepping #OPSEC
So the purpose of these considerations is to explain the importance of keeping your level of #preparedness concealed. Don’t tell anyone of your #stockpile , garden, ammo, #cannedfood , etc; unless it's people you plan on sharing with. It's difficult to keep your prepping 100% a secret. Even if you do keep it hidden, sooner or later just by a process of elimination or escalation of events; your home could be hit. Have a redundancy. Store some supplies off-site. Survival Caches are a great way to keep back up gear and supplies readily accessible.  Atore them along bugout routes, at rally points, or even in the woodline behind your house. Learn more about caches here.

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