Survive a Spontaneous Riot

What happens when we find ourselves in the middle of a spontaneous #protest or #riot? Or whay if we have to travel thru one to escapento safety? How should we react, what should we do, what options do we have, and how can #grayman #tactics apply? Let's take a little bit of time to discuss these issues and look at some of the tips and tactics we can use.⁣

✔Be aware of your surroundings⁣
✔Keep a low profile and avoid crowds⁣
✔Avoid as much as possible the areas of the demonstrations⁣
✔Shelter in place if in the areas affected⁣
✔Close windows and shutters to avoid possible smoke and tear gas⁣
✔Move your vehicle away from areas where demonstrations are expected⁣
✔Consider relocating in advance to another area⁣
✔Maintain easy access to passports and other documents, prescription medicine, infant formula, and chargers for electronics⁣
✔Monitor local media for updates⁣
✔Notify friends and family of your safety⁣

👥Don’t let curiosity draw you near the crowd to “see” what is going on. Our desire to be in the “know” should not trump common sense.⁣

👥Keep an eye out and try to identify #agitators, instigators, or violent and hostile actors in the crowd. These folks will typically be the catalyst for any type of escalation that will occur. Look for folks who are more vocal or more animated than the rest of the #crowd. Once identified, be sure to avoid them if trying to navigate through the masses.⁣

👥Be especially aware of folks hiding their identity. This seems like a no-brainer, but take note of folks who show up wearing masks or who are donning masks after being in the crowd for some time. It goes the same for large groups of people showing up wearing the same clothing. Think of groups who wear all black clothing, including pants, shirts, jackets, hoodies, masks, etc. The idea is to hide their identity by being able to hide in the crowd if committing #criminal acts. This is a #tactic used in helping to avoid prosecution.⁣

🚘Get out of dodge. Only be in thea area long enough to get past it. If you have to ram your vehicle thru a violent crowd or pull a weapon; follow thru. Don't hesitate, these actions will only exacerbate the situation. Use this tactic to escape and to escape only. If you are within your rights and your life is treated with immediate and imminent danger, do what it takes to survive.

Shared in part from @optiongray⁣ and @graymancarry