Tactical Perspective of your Neighborhood

Can you efficiently evacuate from your residence during SHTF?

Why think tactically in your neighborhood?
1. Rolling wildfire.
2. Home invasion.
3. SHTF Bugout.
4. Flood.
5. Pandemic.
6. Evacuation notice for nearby nuclear plant.

What to do?
1. Have egress routes planned. Take note of trails, firebreaks, sewer tunnels, alleyways, etc.
2. Take note of locations of bodies of water, underground gas lines, bridges, thick underbrush, etc.
3. Have a survival cache nearby.
4. Have a safe house in the area, such as a trusted neighbor.
5. Know where main highways are.
6. Know compass directions of points of interest.
7. Look up crime statistics and public info on sexual predators.

How can I create a plan of action in the event of an emergency?
1. Download our In-Case-of-Emergency Response System (ICERS). It's a template for planning during SHTF to determine when to bug out or shelter in place.

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