The Land - An Off the Grid Survival Outpost

After year of floating down rivers on a floating porch, my brother and I decided we needed an even more relaxed location to enjoy the outdoors while still taking advantage of man-made amenities. In the past we would float on the Cape Fear River or Black River while grilling steaks and fishing from the comfort of a handmade wooden deck on 50 gallon barrels. It was time to take this relaxed approach of glamping & rafting to a stable location that would not only serve as a getaway “man cave” but more seriously; a Bug Out Location off the grid. A place where SPAM meat would be a delicacy for daily consumption but also a survival food in the event of a National Emergency such as an attack or a natural disaster.

So enter SPAM LAND! Our Off the Grid location is nestled in an undisclosed location in North Carolina surrounded by sand, pine trees, and a small river.

 Rural Security Gate

BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front


  1. A weekend getaway to enjoy nature, shoot guns, eat bacon, kyack, play horseshoe, etc.
  2. A rally point in the event of a SHTF scenario.
  3. A Storage Cache for Supplies, Food, Ammo, etc.


  1. Cameras, signage, purple paint, armed persons, motion lights, alarms.
  2. A Lofted Barn, insulated, tin roof, built for living quarters.
  3. A 40ft shipping container.
  4. Solar, battery bank, generator.
  5. Water.
  6. Woodburning stove, fire pit.
  7. Shooting Range.
  8. HAM Radio, Walkie Talkie, SPOT GPS device.


So as you can see our priorities aren’t like Maslow's hierarchy of needs or the 10’Cs of Survival. These are based off what we immediately want accomplished on the land. As I update this blog we’ll be highlighting our process, developments, and feature various off the grid products provided by out sponsors.


To kick things off I’d like to mention 3 sponsors.

  1. Tiny Life Supply: These folks are providing a Cast Iron wood burning stove called the Pipsqueak. We’ll be reviewing and sharing installation tips on this stove. We’ll show you how well it heats, what type of wood and coal to use, how to cook on it, and more. Visit for more details.
  2. Boly Inc: After meeting these guys at SHOT Show 2018 we pulled them aboard as a sponsor. The idea here is to cover our security needs on a rural off-grid location. They are sending over a MG983G-30M trail camera. We’ll do an unboxing, review, and walkthrough of the camera functions and keep you update as we routinely patrol our land and check surveillance findings. Check them out at .
  3. Spypoint: Known world-wide for their game and trail cameras, was a no brainer for us. Their Solar and Cellular Cameras come ready for endless energy and wireless security. We are deciding between the Link-S and Link-EVO and as soon as we get their camera in hands we’ll be doing an unboxing, review, and walkthrough of the camera functions and keep you updated as we check in on the mobile app to see how things are at the land.



We’d love your feedback. Comment below. Stay tuned for updates and follow us on Instagram at @superessestraps and @offthegridguide and @survivalcarry as we livestream and post regular updates on our SPAM LAND.