The Land - How to get water Offgrid

So as we plan to build an #offgrid #bugout location we've been identify various priorities to be addressed. Water is a big one! There is a small river about a 1/4 mile from the heart of The Land. To clarify we have coined our getaway "The Land". Mainly, because that's what we've always referenced it as. "Hey, I'm going down to the land tomorrow to shoot my new gun if you wanna join?" You get it?


So back to water. How do we get it? Here's our options.

  • Make a shallow well.
  • Create a rainwater catchment system.
  • Bring water when we come.
  • Gather water from river. 

We'll definitely be bringing and storing clean drinking water but we also want water to clean fish, put out fires, shower, wash hands, etc. 

For today I'll just talk about our idea for a well. We have two methods or types of wells in mind.

  • SHALLOW WELL: Our idea is to use a fence post auger to drill down 15+ feet. Well use a 3" PVC pipe as a casing, the last few feet will be slotted to allow water to seep in. It will be capped. Next we'll use a 1.5" drop pipe inside the casing. Gravel will be scatered along the length of the well hole to keep outsand and debris
  • DRILLPOINT WELL: Starting with a fence post auger we'll just dig out 3' to begin a pilot hole. Next we'll insert the drill point well pipe (looks like a nail head on the end) and begin driving it into the ground until we get water.

A Cast Iron Hand Pump will draw the water out which will then be transferred to a 35 Gallon Storage Drum.

The Drum will have a faucet on the bottom that runs to our 2GPM 12v water pump built into an ammo can. This will be powered by our deep cycle battery bank ran in a series. 

Ammo Box

Here comes the part about need power to accomplish what's next. We've split the water coming from the pump into two directions.

Split Faucet

The battery bank's reason for living is two fold. 1. To power the pump to be pumped into our cabin for running water at a sink and also to be split off to a garden hose to aid in cleaning what we hunt and fish. (It'll also serve as fire hose). 2. To power auxiliary lighting for the outpost. The batteries will be run in parallel to increase capacity but not voltage.

35 Gallon drumParallel Batter Bank

We'll be using an inergysolar's kodiak generator to power everything else. This generator will run everything we need inside the cabin.


Well keep you updated as we dig the well and install the water system. This is just the start.

I found a video of a fella who did a similar pump system, check it out here.
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