The Land - Installing the Battery Bank and connecting to the Kodiak Generator

This past weekend we finished putting in the battery bank that will be connected to the Kodiak lithium generator. Here's how we did it.


THE WALLS: First we had to finish boarding up the walls so that the wiring could be concealed behind it. We've done most of the wiring in the corner of the cabin. This corner will be made into a cabinet that serves to conceal on the internal electrical wiring.

 Solar wiring guide

THE WIRING: From here the positive and negative cords run in from the outdoor battery bank. The solar power mc4 to neutrick cord is ran from the 120 watt solar panel by PowerFilm into the Kodiak. Soon we'll replace this solar panel with a 400 watt panel array from Boss Watt. The PowerFilm will then be connected to a separate solar controller, then to an AGM 12v marine battery. This will this come into the cabin and be used to power a USB plug in each loft, and provide outdoor lighting. 

 Parallel Battery Bank

THE BATTERY BANK: We but 5 deep cycle 12v marine batteries in a garden box. The garden box was chosen because it's cheap and can be easily waterproofed. We installed vents on either side and placed small electrical fan on one side of the vents that blows out. Inside the box, the 5 batteries are connected in parallel. This maintains a 12v system and acts as a single battery. The positive and negative cords(made from heavy duty jumper cables) run thru PVC conduit pipes into a power box. The power box has has opening into the interior of the cabin, which ends up connecting them to the Kodiak.

 Depends cyle batteriesWiring a solar system

THE KODIAK: Now the Inergy Solar generator has 5 batteries which provide about 5000 additional watts. In all, we have about 6100 watts at our disposal. The Kodiak equalizes across all batteries and shows us an average charge result. As the PowerFilm panel recharges the Kodiak, that power is distributed across the entire bank equally, charging all the batteries back up.

 Kodiak generator lithium solar

THE OTHER THINGS: We also checked back in with the SpyPoint Camera. We're using the LINK-S. It's Cellular. This means we get instant push notifications to our phones when motion is detected. While away from the land we received photos of someone walking up to the gate entry. It appeared they stopped there and did not enter. We were able to see the license plate and vehicle type and after investigation we found it was a friend of the family just being curious. No foul play. This is just an example of how we can not only deter criminal actions on our land but also follow up to see who the suspect was. The camera has maintained a full charged over the past 30 days thanks to a built-in solar panel. We do need to conceal the camera better and secure it with a steel cable. That's happen this weekend. 

 Solar cellular trail cam security