The Land - Powering an Offgrid Base Camp with Lithium and Solar

Our current obstacle is power. The Land, our bugout base camp, will have power needs such as communications via HAM Radio, water collection via 2GPM water pump from well, lighting and security via motion LEDs and trail cameras from and We'll also need to power ammenities like a freezer, AC unit, TV, Xbox, 12v ceiling fan, phones, etc. Yea, we are going to have the comforts from home, offgrid. 

So this leaves us with very few options on a limited budget. We couldn't find a more reliable, affordable, and powerful enough energy source until we came across the #kodiakgenerator. Pairing it with 8 deep cycle marine batteries in a parallel should address all our needs aside from running the AC unit. Our Offgrid Base Camp will be powered by's  Kodiak 1100 Watt Generator (1500 continuous) and recharged by's FM16-7200 120 Watt 7200mA 15.4 Volts Foldable Solar Charger. This panel folds away to 14"x14" but opens up to about 5'x7'. The size and technologies allows for better charging without constantly having to angle and move the panels as the sun travels. We should be able to simply mount it to our tin roof cabin and keep our gear charged.

Kodiak Generator

So we would like to officially announce two new partners.
Ingergy Solar: As mentioned before we'll utilize the Kodiak and a few of their base camp lighting systems. This will be our primary source of energy collection and the unit will assist in monitoring the input/output of all our deep cycle batteries. Grab a Kodiak for 20% off & free US shipping with code "superesse" at

PowerFilm Solar: We could find no better solar panel to fit our needs than their 120 Watt Foldable Panels. Aside from a backup batter bank, this panel will charge our primary bank and Kodiak.