The Land - Shooting Range, Beaver Dam, and Security at our Bug Out Location.

So a lot has been done on The Land over past couple of weeks. Our offgrid getaway is ready for a March launch. We've connected with a few new sponsors. I'll get right to it. 


We've setup a 200 yard range. On one end is our backstop and on the other will be our cabin and tin roof porch. Options are endless for fun and practice rather that be sitting on ourour pic table for zeroing and plinking or doing moving drills downrange. 

Picnic Table Gun and Rifle Stand

We built a railroad tie and steel backstop. Cutting steel takes time but it gives some piece of mind when it comes to safety. Pair the backstop with 1000+ yards of pinetrees prevent a stray bullet from going where it shouldn't. I've also devised a drop down set of targets for handgun practice. It'll be setup on a pulley system so it can be lifted out of the way when we're using rifle. More to come on that later.

Steel Back Stop Steel Gun Backstop with target

Shooting Range Offgrid.Steel Targets and Shooting Downrange

We have also built a 3-point adjustable rifle rest. This will allow us to comfortably take long range shots at deer and assist in zeroing.

Gun Rest, Rifle Adjustable Woodmade


Beavers have devastated our river. What used to be a popular swimming hole for the family is down a swampy, muddy wasteland. The beavers have cause flooding concerns damage local crops, endangering public safety, causing folks to have to leave their homes, and killing trees that not only serve as memories from when we use to have rope swings into the river, but trees that often fall on powerlines. Our priority is to remove some of the dams that are affecting our land. 

Earthquake Targets have sent a load of exploding targets. Easy to use heavy duty bags with a mix of aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate. The things go boom when shot with a high speed bullet. We'll kayak down to the dam, setup some bottles of this stuff, and blow the dam skyhigh. We'll open up the river. Get the water flowing. One day we'll be able to fish and swim once again.

Exploding Gun Targets


We've partnered with another Solar team. The folks at Boss Watt Solar are providing a system of eight 50 watt panels. This will allow us to power our second battery bank. We've got the Kodiak and two deep cycle batteries to power amenities like a TV, Xbox, and other random electronics. The other bank will be setup with 6-7 deep cycle batteries to power our water pump, indoor and outdoor auxiliary lighting, and wall outlet plugs. We're considering running an inverter and setting up 110v outlets in the cabin. Once we get onsite we'll determine with panels will recharge the right bank. Boss Watt's 8x 50w kickstand panels and PowerFilm's 120w foldable panels will be our means to keep the system charged. We are identifying the right controller to regulate the power from the Boss panels to the bank. We are determining if our bank will be enough to meet the power needs of the cabin. More to come on this.

Solar Panels for SHTF

Diagram For Connecting Solar Panels to Kodiak


We've got 11 "No Trespassing" signs to post up. The signs point out the fact that we are running cellular trail cams. We've got multiple cameras setup from our sponsors at Boly and Spypoint. This is the ideal rural security tool to keep an eye on your property when your not there. Additionally, we've setup Mr. Beams Wireless-Linked Motion Lights. 

Trail CameraNo Trespassing Survival Signs


A simple but effective firepit with siding stones has ben assembled. We dug it out and lined a circular rock wall. We used a stick with a strand of paracord as compass to draw a circle into the sand and help line it. We've also added a burn barrel to The Land to burn our trash. We'll be making out own coal soon to burn in our Pipsqueak Stove by Tiny Life Supply.

The Pipsqueak Woodburning offgrid stoveBurn Barrel OutdoorsFirepit in the sand


As mentioned before, we had plans to move a 40' shipping container to The Land. This was going to be our storage solution to fire wood, chain saws, ammo, or whatever. Due to the entrance to the land being so wooded, it doesn't look like we'll be able to fit it in. We are looking for alternative ideas. If you have one leave a comment. 


I tried to categorize the updates. If you like this idea let me know. We are looking for a mid-late March move in. This is when we'll have the cabin, solar panels, batteries, and other gear on-site. I'd love your feedback and suggestions. I'd like to officially announce our newest sponsor. Boss Watt Solar is on board! Base in the USA,made in the USA. Their panels are highly efficient and ready for a quick install on the go or great for a more permanent setup like we plan to use them for. Find them on Instagram with a quick search for @bosswattsolar. That's all for now.