Vehicle Self Defense - 9 Tips for deterring muggings, car hijackings, motor vehicle theft.

Car Security

Prevent carjackings, muggings, kidnapping, and you get the idea; by simply locking your car door.

Criminals lay in wait for a victim often at gas stations, parking lots, or even stop lights. An easy target is one who is preoccupied and lacking situational awareness. Maybe you are adjusting your radio, reaching for your phone charger, or passing a tot back to your kid. Sometimes our eyes may not be on approaching threats. So keep your door locks and make yourself a hard target.

1. When you get in your vehicle lock your doors immediately.
2. When you arrive at your location, keep your doors locked until you and all passengers are ready to exit.
3. Scan the area before approaching/exiting your vehicle. If there is a potential threat; stay in the car and drive away, walk back in the store or home, hit the panic button, call 911, retrieve self defense weapon, pretend you are on phone with someone.
4. When you exit your vehicle, lock it with your key/fob rather than the door button, this will prevent you from locking keys in vehicle.
5. Observe the area around your vehicle, assure all doors locked and that no one popped a passenger door prior to you locking it.
6. Inspect your vehicle before and after. Check for signs of disturbances, punctures tires, note on window, signs of tampering.
7. When home, leave your key fob by your bed. Use it as a panic alarm if you fear someone is on your property. The sound will be a deterent and attract neighbor's attention to serve as potential witness or have someone to call 911 if your house is broke into.
8. Secure a spare key via ziptie in an obscure and hidden exterior area of your vehicle.
9. Put away garage door opener if possible. Leaving it in view in a vehicle in your driveway could allow criminals to use it to access your home.

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