When to apply Grayman Practices.

The practice of being gray can be utilized at any time but its application is more relevant in times of uncertainty. We can use gray tactics when going to and from work, at the laundromat, at school, in our neighborhood, at the grocery store, or anywhere while in view of the public. Let’s highlight three common applications;

WROL or SHTF: Consider life during a period Without Rule of Law (WROL). When enforcement is non-existent it’s important to decrease your footprint and avoid being a target of harassment. A WROL or SHTF state of emergency may still require you to travel, trade, scavenge, or otherwise interact in public spaces. We want to have all the cards stacked in our favor during these events."


Civil Unrest: Following triggering events such as an economic depression or racially driven riot; society begins to ignore common decency and adherence to laws. Traveling"
in public spaces that were once safe now become potential warzones for looting, arson, and other criminal behavior. Clashes with police become commonplace. Navigation"
through these fields may require you to blend in with the rioters then transition to an uninvolved civilian afterwards.
Everday Civillian
Everyday Life: There’s no doubt that being gray is also important during an ordinary day when things are considered normal. Every minute of every day two people are either"
pickpocketed or robbed in the US. Every minute of every day 17 people have their"
identity stolen. Avoiding being a target and protecting sensitive information should be a daily practice.

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