Filter Bandana - Water Pre-Filtration and Air-Contaminant Face Barrier.

Filter Bandana - Water Pre-Filtration and Air-Contaminant Face Barrier.

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Engineered with a 1 micron nominal non-woven filter. The filter inside the bandana allows you to treat water on the fly using as a straining system or use as a hand to mouth mask to shield from the effects of gases/smoke and airborne contaminates. In an emergency scenario; filtered water can be consumed after chemical/UV treatment to prevent dehydration. Additionally, in the event of a fire, exposure to airborne diseases, or hazardous release of gases/particulates; filter can be placed over airways to negate effects/dosage to aid in escape from scene or movement thru high risk areas. Bandana can be used as an improvised field dressing by applying to wound.


  • Standard Filter Bandana: The 10x10 inch flagship 1 micron filtering handkerchief.
  • Baby Bandana: It's the standard 1 micron Filter Bandana but smaller. Sold in a 3 pack of 6x6 inch hanks.

#FILTERBANDANA (Handkerchief Style)

  • Water Filter: Non-woven, polymer fiber matrix filter for field expedient filtration of water.
    ☑Pores and membranes allow water permeation (flux) and broad-spectrum separation on nano-particulates.
    ☑Material is a food grade polyester hybrid (quick-drying) to inhibit mold growth.
    ☑Particulates and micro-organisms larger than 1 Micron sieve pours are captured and filtered from water allowing it to serve as a pre-filter prior to UV/chemical treatments or boiling.
    ☑Bandana and Filter are multi use when following care instructions below.
    ☑A 1 micron filter is not capable of creating potable water, the solitary use of the filter bandana to drink untreated water should only be used in a survival scenario or in unison with other purification methods.
  • Dusk Mask / Particulate Filtering Facepiece: Shields airways from direct physical  droplet exposure of harmful particles/contaminates. 
    ☑1 Nominal Micron Hybrid Media Filter built-in. 
    ☑Filters formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, benzene, carbinol, and other toxins.
    ☑Serves as a physical barrier to reduce airborne droplet exposure or dosage of infectious diseases.
    ☑1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) Airflow.
    ☑Does not seal, not a respirator, does not filter viruses but rather shields from direct exposure, not NIOSH certified. 


Filtering water with Hank

Tips: Hold center of hank against mouth/nose to aid in protection of harmful air contaminates. Wet/soak prior to use for best filter results.

Tips: To filter water, pour 2oz at a time into center of hank(holding in cone shape) and allow water to dissipate thru material into collection container and repeat process.

Tips: Fashion into bandage to ease blood loss. Offers absorbing and clotting functions needed to treat field injuries. Place on wound and secure in place.

Care/Maintenance: Option 1: Hand wash(no soap). Use 5% bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Hang dry only. Option 2: Hang in center of oven, at least 6" from metal or racks, heat at 148-158°F for 30 minutes. For field expedient cleaning, boiling water (under 275°F) may be poured thru filter.

*Filter Specs: We insert polymer fiber filter media (polyester felt) with between two layers of 100% cotton ripstop. The 1 micron filter media has varying diameters sieve pours forced into a matrix and singed process that locks in the filaments allowing polyester hybrid membranes to create broad-spectrum separation of nano-particulates. It does not produce "absolute filtration" but rather a range based on generally accepted industry tests that provide varying results based on the shape, size, consistancy and loading of the contaminates. It is a pre-filter.

*Abilities to filter water and air particulates based on manufactures claims, independent studies/lab tests, and testing with TDS monitor, UV dissolution observation, PH, Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Nitrates/Nitrites test kits.

*Use at your own risk based on your training and experiences. Materials are not FDA/EPA/NIOSH approved. Mask does not seal and does not filter particulates under 1 micron (viruses are 0.4 microns or smaller). 

*Recommended use is as a pre-filter and improvised particulate safety mask to create a physical barrier against exposure. 

*Hank is semi-rigid but still foldable and pliable.

*Superesse masks/bandanas are meant to help block airborne large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), reducing dosage amounts to your mouth and nose. However their primary purpose is its use as a source control to prevent the a symptomatic wearer from spreading to others. It will also prevent you from accidental hand to face contacts. It will not aid in the shielding from inhalation or aerosolized disease. It's designed for EDC where the daily carry of an N95 mask is not practical.