Handkerchief of the Month - Handmade multipurpose EDC hank delivered monthly or quarterly.

Handkerchief of the Month - Handmade multipurpose EDC hank delivered monthly or quarterly.

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Handcrafted, pattern and color varies, hank model alternates.  
Each month (or quarterly if you choose 3 month delivery) we'll handmake a new hank in a new pattern/color and ship it your way. These Hanks are more than just a simple cloth for wiping up spills or using as a tissue. We've innovated our Hanks to serve utilitarian purposes like defending from an EMP, filtering water, concealing SERE implementations, and more. Every month/quarter you'll receive an alternating hank from the selection below(6 models). After you've received each available model we'll start back over and send a repeat hank in a new color/pattern. We'll also be developing new Hanks that serve other purposes and you'll be the first to receive these prototypes.


Below are examples of the Hank Models you'll receive.

This hank is equipped with a large storage pocket built in between the two layers of fabric. Allows for an Everyday Carry of a small bag that can be used to store small pocket dump items or survival supplies. The pocket is secured by Velcro to ensure items stay put. Why carry a regular hank when this one doubles as a carryall pouch.

A burnproof work rag used to tend to a fire, grasp hot equipment or firearm suppressor, shield from flames, soak up a grease spill, shield during a parry from blade based attacks, etc. Equipped with grommet for attaching to lanyard, key ring, etc. Built and crafted with 2 layers of Kevlar fabric and stitched together with aramid thread.

Equipped with a 1 micron nominal, non-woven filter. The built-in filter material of the bandana allows you to treat water on the fly using as a straining system or use as a hand to mouth respirator mask to shield from the effects of gases/smoke and airborne contaminates.


Carry this hank daily and be ready for an apocalyptic EMP by shielding your electronics. In a more probably scenario, use hank as a layer of protection against financial or identify fraud/theft by securing your wallet or cards inside the hank.

This hank folds up into a wallet size for Everyday Carry. It's outfitted with a Velcro for affixing your favorite Morale Patch or one of our Patch Kits. The durable Ripstop fabric allows this handkerchief to double as a cleaning mat, cleaning rag, or to protects hands when grasping heavy equipment.

This large hank is designed to wrap around your head to shield from sun, sand, and other elements. Wear as a scarf to keep warm. Each Saw Shemagh has a subdued storage slot storing a quick deploying length of Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) to be used as a friction saw for cutting wood or escaping restraints. Use K.U.T. as cordage in building a shelter or as a makeshift fishing line. 

This hank serves as both a work mat and a signaling panel. One side has a soft yet durable ripstop surface for completing tasks and keeping up with small items as your work. The reverse side has a bright florescent water-resistant lining that is used to signal message to find rescue.

Note: For further details and descriptions of the available hanks, please visit their product pages.

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