Marker Mat - Fluorescent Signaling Panel on Ripstop Pocket Hank

Marker Mat - Fluorescent Signaling Panel on Ripstop Pocket Hank

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This hank is equipped with a signal panel marker on one side and a cotton ripstop work mat and usable wipe/tissue on the reverse. The Marker Mat serves as a handkerchief for everyday Carry. It's pocket size but can be unfolded to a 11"x11" square florescent signaling surface when the need to call for emergency assistance or rescue arises. The hank features a paracord hand hold and hanging loop. Use it as safety warning flag when hauling an oversized truck load or hang it from a tree limb along the river to mark your takeout point after a kayak trip.


  • Soft Fabric: Use as standard hank to wipe up spills, as tissue, checking motor oil dip stick, and more. Comes standard with Cotton Ripstop Fabric on one side, unless noted otherwise.
  • Signal Marker: 40d, PU coated, UV/water resistant, Nylon Florescent Neon Fabric. Use as a signaling device to summon a rescue, message a sign of distress, mark trails/areas, etc.
  • Paracord Pull: 550lb Parachute Cordage Pull for quick access to pocket and as hook/loop to hang.
  • Mat: The cotton side serves as a clean workspace to keep up with gun parts, small screws/tools, etc. The marker side of mat is great for oily/wet tools and parts as it can be wiped off for an easy cleanup.

​SPECS: 11" x 11" size, 1 fabric layer, nylon signal marker layer , paracord pull.


Attach to lumber extending 4ft beyond your truck bed to meet roadway safety laws, serves as warning flag.

Use as work mat to keep up with small parts.

Hang from pole/stick and wave in air to create motion signal flag to draw attention to your location in a Search and Rescue event.

Hang from tree limb as a trail marker.


Wash by hand with warm water and soap. Hang to dry.