Pull Cloth - Lightweight minimalist handkerchief with paracord lanyard.

Pull Cloth - Lightweight minimalist handkerchief with paracord lanyard.

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This ripstop hank is lightweight, thin, compact, multi-purpose, washable, durable, and most importantly; quickly retrievable. 


  • Soft Fabric: Use as standard hank to wipe up spills, as tissue, grasping hot equipment, checking motor oil dipstick, and more. Comes standard with Cotton Ripstop Fabric unless noted otherwise.
  • Lightweight: This hank uses only one square of ripstop, it's thin, can be stuffed in a pocket, and takes up minimal space. The borders are folded and stitch to create a durable cloth.
  • Paracord Pull: 550lb Parachute Cordage Pull for quick withdrawal from a pocket or bag, just leave the single stranded of paracord exposed so it can be grasped and yanked.
  • Upgrade Option: Add an Orange Microfiber (230-GSM) absorbent fabric layer to one side of Pull Cloth. Use for cleaning eyeglasses/visors, electronic devices, or for washing tasks (cars, countertops, oil/grease smears, personal hygiene).

    ​SPECS: 10" x 10" size, 1 cotton fabric layer, paracord pull.

    TIPS: Stuff the hank in your pocket, fanny pack, seatback pocket, or elsewhere; leave paracord lanyard exposed so that hank can easily be pull from its storage space and used.

    CARE + MAINTENANCE: Machine wash with detergent. Or wash by hand with warm water and soap. Dry on medium heat or hang to dry.