Saw Shemagh: Firestarter sewn button, built-in Kevlar Utility Saw, Fire Tinder border.

Saw Shemagh: Firestarter sewn button, built-in Kevlar Utility Saw, Fire Tinder border.

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This large hank is designed to wrap around your head to shield from sun, sand, and other elements. Wear as a scarf to keep warm. Each Saw Shemagh has a subdued storage slot storing a quick deploying length of Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) to be used as a friction saw for cutting wood or escaping restraints. Use K.U.T. as cordage in building a shelter or as a makeshift fishing line. The storage slot is kept secured with a Ferro button which doubles as Firestarter. The frayed edges of the hank are composed of highly flammable linen threading making a versatile tinder for emergency firecraft. 


  • Single layer soft woven material(linen/cotton) with a Kevlar Utility Thread hidden in a hideaway corner pocket. This oversized shemagh can serve as protection from sun, dust, and sand when worn as a mask or as a makeshift tourniquet, bandage, and signal flag. Includes tethered/worn effect on borders which double as fire tinder.
  • Kevlar Utility Thread, K.U.T.: 200lb breaking tensile strength and is incredibly resistant to heat. Hybrid weave of aramid kevlar strands. Burn resistant cordage. Serves as a friction saw, utility rope, snare cordage, etc. (Select saw cordage amount)
  • Hideaway Corner Pocket: built into one corner of the shemagh is a reclosable Velcro pocket. Houses the K.U.T. and/or other small supplies.
  • Tinder Border: Threads along edges of the Saw Shemagh are designed with a frayed effect where strands can be pulled out and used as tinder. Scrape and fluff threads prior to attemping fire. Its natural for the hank to continue to fray causing more threads to loosen. These threads can be removed to be improvised as fishing line, sutures, or fire tinder.
  • Sewn-On Ferro Button: A button made of a ferrocerium Firestarter for field expedient firecraft. Strike/scape button edges with knife or hard metal tool to create sparks. Built by ShomerTec.

SPECS: 1 layer linen cloth, twisted kevlar aramid saw secured in corner pocket sleeve under flap(refillable, easy access), est. 12" x 30" size.

Tips: Each saw includes 5+ feet of Kevlar Utility Thread. A short length of 30" can easily be used to saw thru a 2x4 plank of wood, PVC piping, zipties, rope, etc. Wear gloves to protect against friction burn or wrap ends of K.U.T. around an pencil or stick to use as handles.

Tips: For efficient cutting; utilize long back and forth strokes of the thread while focusing on a single point of the item to be cut. The idea is to reduce the amount of contact on one area of the thread while maximizing contact on one area of the item. The friction creates heats which acts as a burning force to cut thru the material.

Tips: The large size of this Hank allows for it to be bundled up as a pillow, thrown around neck and arm as a sling, Improvise as a tourniquet when tightened 2" above wound w/ a rod, as a prefilter for water, a towel, facemask, blindfold, bandage, etc.

Warning: Hank is very flammable and should not be worn or used around open flames unless with the sole intent to create fire. 

Care/Maintenance: Machine wash, warm water, detergent. Hang to dry.