EDC Pocket Tin - Emergency Metal Can, Kydex Sheath, with Survival & Tactical Kits.

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Step 1: Choose how many tins you want. Step 2: Choose your carry option by selecting a sheath or lanyard. Step 3: Choose the kit contents that fit in a tin by checking the boxes.

(Each Kit is shipped as standalone supplies ready to be inserted into tin. Add on the Kydex Carry Sheath and Paracord Lanyard for multiple carry/wear choices. Kits are themed to aid in firestarting, first-aid, tactical ops, survival, water purification, sawing, etc.)

It's a small tin can with your selection of Survival & EDC supplies stored inside. We took the well known, "Altoids Survival Tin" idea, & moved it over to a smaller container that you're more likely to Everyday Carry. Drop it in your pocket, vehicle's glove compartment, or clip it to your belt or Bug Out Bag.
*Note, not all items will fit in tin, you can customize the kit to fit your needs or strap large items to the exterior of the tin using a ranger band.


Kit Only: (does not include tin)
Items are shipped as loose supplies in a small bag. Use these items as refills for our tins or add them to your own personal kit. 

Slider Top Tin Can: (add 1, 3, 5, or 10 tins to your order)
1 1/16" x 2" x 7/16" Outside Dimensions. Capacity 0.38oz estimate. Seamless metal build. Slide on and off tin lid closure. Hold's supplies inside. Fits inside optional Kydex Sheath.


No Kydex Sheath or Lanyard:
Select this option if you don't want to add the Kydex sheath or lanyard.

Kydex Sheath: (black)
Handmade Kydex sheath with snap in retention to securely carry tins. This slimline sheath protects tin during carry, keeps lid from opening, & has built-in eyelet so you can customize your carry. (tether it as a key chain for example).

Kydex Sheath w/ Belt Clip: (black)
Adds a Steel Belt Clip for wearing kit on waist or attaching to pack, or rotate to allow a deep pocket carry.

Kydex Paracord Lanyard: (black sheath, black cord by default)
Adds an adjustable paracord neck lanyard. Wear tin as a necklace..

Choose as many kits as you want.

Fire Starting:

  • 2x Survival Torches: Water/Wind Proof Match.
  • Three UCO Strike Anywhere Match. Carbonized, White Phosphorus Tipped.
  • Fire Starter Ferrocerium Rod: Simple rod that is struck to create a spark/fire.
  • Match Striking Surface: pair with matches for ignition.

Fire Tinder:

  • Jute String/Tinder, 1 foot of 3 ply small rope.
  • Tinder Wick Strand, retrieved from Fire Cord: A combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof.
  • Tinder Tape Patch: Heavy duty adhesive Duct Tape with added flammable strands allowing a slow tar like burn.
  • Charcloth: activated, highly combustible tinder formed from heat exposed linen. Packaged in sealed bag.
  • Tinder Quick Tab: Flammable, fuel soaked cotton bundle. Fluff up material and provide spark to light fire.
  • All-weather Beeswax Stick: Beeswax tinder with hemp wick. Waterproof, wind resistant, 5 minute burn time.
  • Beeswaxed Hemp Jute: 1 ft loose.

Food/Water Procurement:

  • 2x Water Purification Tablet(1 liter treatment each): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.
  • 10ft of 8lb Fishing Line, monofilament.¬†
  • 2x Eagle Claw Fishing Hook: Bronze, plain-shank.
  • P38 Multi-Tool: Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Fish Gutter, Box opener, Carbon Scraper, Sharpener, Prying Device.
  • Split Shot Weight: Fishing aid.


  • 2x Needle/Pick: repair a torn pack, modify a jacket, navigate by statically charging and floating on leaf, improvise as suture pin.
  • 2x Safety Pin: improvise as fish hook, pin broken arm's sleeve to chest for a sling, remove splinter, hold items together.
  • 2x Small Nail: metal nail with head.
  • 2x Black Ziptie: Use as cable tie to strap down gear, ignite to create smoke signal, or melt to waterproof items.
  • 2x¬†Black Steel Plated Security Pin: (heavy duty safety pin).


  • 4x Luminous Glow Light Surfaces: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output.
  • 2x Glow Light Stick: Chemstick for illumination. Break and shake to activate. 2 Year Shelf Life. Yellow/Green glow.¬†

Note Taking

  • Lead Pencil Rod: writing utensil for jotting down notes, coordinates, mapping points, etc.¬†
  • 6x Rite in Rain Micro Sheets: Small sheets of weather proof paper. Jot down a note, grid coordinates, or a message on waterproof memo sheet.


  • 2x Bandages: Standard Sealed bandage for small cuts.
  • Antibiotic Ointment: Neomycin Sulfate 3.5mg, first aid gel to help prevent infection.
  • 2x Aspirin (NSAID) Tablets (325mg): In Original 2 pack- reduces fever, relieves headache, toothache, common cold, muscular aches, arthritis, back pain, and cramps.
  • Towel Tablet, expandable: Absorbent, non-sterile cloth for clean ups and prep of injuries. Use as simple cloth to dry and clean.

Medical Aid for SHTF:

  • Moleskin Padding: Hiker's all-day relief of painful corns, calluses and tender spots, dual-layer cotton and foam padding prevents blisters, self-stick adhesive.
  • Alcohol Prep Pad Kit: 70% Isopropyl Alc. Antiseptic-Sterile.
  • Thyroid Blocker: Potassium Iodide Tablet, U.S.P., 130mg. Single KI IOSAT pill for use as a thyroid bloxking medicine used in a nuclear radiation emergency. 24 hour defense.
  • S.B.K. Sting & Burn Kit, Lidocaine HCL & Ethyl Alcohol: Pre-saturated analgesic wipe to prevent infection and relieve pain from stings, bites, scrapes, and burns.
  • Anti-Septic Iodine Kit: Povidone Iodine (10% USP), First Aid antiseptic and germicide to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and minor burns.


  • Hard Surface Signal Mirror: Reflective surface to communicate distress and rescue signals.
  • SOLAS Reflector Surface: Safety Of Life At Sea: Coast Guard approved signal and safety tape adhered to buckle. Use to communicate your location or MORSE Code. Waterproof. Long distance visibility.
  • Reflective Signal Mirror Surface: use in sunny conditions as a short range signaling tool to alert others of your location.
  • Reflective Signal Markers: high-vis 3b reflective limb lights, signaling tool to alert others of your location, leave on trail to mark path or warn friendlies. (360 visibility, 100 yard line of sight)
  • *Glint Tag, Infrared reflective signal: Non-fabric surface glows to provide covert combat identification. Reflects IR light brightly to identify friend or for when viewed through night vision equipment (*Domestic Shipping Only).


  • Thumb Tac Compass by County Comm: waterproof, shock resistant, glass dome crimped to brass housing. Operable in 0¬į-160¬įF ranges. Weight 1 gram, size 11mm x 4.5mm.¬†


  • 10ft and 30in lengths of¬†Yellow Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.): Standard Sawing and utilitarian thread.¬†(200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant). Use as friction saw. Compact.¬†Saw branches/zipties/ropes, fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire.
  • Mini Curved Surgical Carving Blade #12 X-Acto size (Carbon Steel - Pointed Tip - Lanyard Hole).


  • Non-Metallic Handcuff key: TIHK Brand with clip. Back up replacement for LEO, Military, Security Personnel or as concealed tool to defend against hostage/kidnapping/illegal detainments.
  • Saw¬†Shim Tool: Superesse designed, surgical flex steel.¬†Single side serrated saw edge. Slim build allows for shimming restraints. Outfitted with two punched lanyard holes. Create finger loops with cordage and run thru lanyard holes to create grips for utilizing as a saw.

Advanced Escape:

  • Diamond Wire Blade: 35mm Highly Abrasive Rod with Hard Composites of Diamond Dust- capable of sawing thru Iron Bars and Steel Chains in long-term endurance cutting.
  • Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade and Fire Striker (Wear Resistant - Non-Dulling Cutting Edge - Covert - Non Metallic - Concealable ).
  • Black¬†Kevlar Utility Cord (K.U.C.): 600TEX rating for use as Sawing Cord and Snare Wire (200lb tested - Improved Coating for UV/Friction Resistant). Cut zip-cuffs, ropes, and duct tape. Make a trip line, use as garrote.

Weapons Cleaning Kit: Gun:

  • Cotton Squares: 1x1 inch bore squares.¬†
  • Cotton Swabs: Halved, handle and swabs tip.
  • CLP Lube: in single use mylar pack.
  • Pipe Cleaner: flexible, rod.


  • 6x KiO3 Radiation Defense Tablet, 130mg: Shield against radiation exposure with this specific blocker of thyroid radio-iodine uptake. High dose potassium iodide for nuclear emergency scenarios. TIPS: Improvise to purify water, drop tablet in 1/2 quart bottle, mix, let stand 30min, hydrate.


  • Sew Kit: with various color threads, needle, safety pins.
  • Black Ziptie: Use as cable tie to strap down gear, ignite to create smoke signal, or melt to waterproof items.
  • Duct Tape: MilSpec strapping of duct tape.

Fishing Kit:

  • 10ft of 8lb Fishing Line w/ 2x2 inch duct tape patch.
  • 3x Eagle Claw Size 8 Fishing Bait Hooks: Bronze, plain-shank.
  • 2x Split Shot Weight: Fishing aid.
  • Paracord Fishing Lure w/ extra bait size 1 hook.
  • 10ft Braided Spectra Fishing Line.

All Purpose Kit:

  • Eagle Claw Size 8 Fishing Hook: Bronze, plain-shank
  • Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade & Fire Striker: Wear Resistant, Non-Dulling Cutting Edge, Non-Metallic.
  • Bandage: Standard Sealed bandage for small cuts.
  • Needle/Pick: repair a torn pack,¬† navigate by statically charging and floating on leaf, improvise as suture pin.
  • Water Purification Tablet(1 liter treatment each): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.
  • Jute String/Tinder: 1 foot length.
  • Fire Starter Ferrocerium Rod: Simple rod that is struck to create a spark/fire.