Storage Pocket Patch:

Storage Pocket Patch: "Foraging Guide", a Plants and Edibles Quick Identification Reference

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(quick reference for common edible plants)

This patch can be referenced as a reminder for recalling plants and berries that could be edible in a survival scenario where sustenance is needed. The common Dandelion weed is high in potassium, calcium, & vitamin A/B2/C/E/K while the widely available Clover is packed with vitamin C, fiber, & iron. A baseline level of experience is needed before any wild plant life is consumed but this guide can aid in a time where malnourishment and mindset vulnerabilities exist. Separately, foraging is an adventurous and rewarding hobby and can help supplement your pantry with healthy and free food.

  • It's a morale patch¬†with a front panel reference guide providing complex identification, edibility, and preparation guide with graphical reference symbols.¬†
  • Built-in Storage Pocket: The "hook" side contains a laser-cut slit allowing you to access a nearly 2" x 3" x .25" open storage area.¬†
    • Secure bandages, razor, notes, pencil, and more inside the compartment.
    • Items stay put inside and will not fall out during wear or carry.¬†
    • The "hook" side attaches to¬†clothing, hats, backpacks, etc.
  • The¬†Display side is built from PVC and is double stitched to the "hook" backing increasing resistance to wear and tear from repeated access to storage pocket.
  • Comes with a card insert including legend and information on foraging.
  • Size approx.¬†2.1" x 3.1" x .25"