Superesse Secret Packs | Returns April 1st

Superesse Secret Packs | Returns April 1st

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SOLD OUT kinda, shhh) | Thanks for your support. Next drop will be April 1st.

"Each packet is, well, packed with Superesse brand gear. What's inside is a surprise"

Secret Packets: 
(We've filled 75 (+10 early bird) packs with assorted survival supplies, prepping gear, EDC tools, and Superesse stuff)

  • Choose a number, any number 1 to 75 (85). Only one of each # is available. 
  • All packets have at least $50 worth of gear.
  • 1 packet has $150+ of gear.
  • 1 other packet will have a $200 Superesse gift card in addition to $50+ of gear.
  • Buy as many as you like (we recommend you buy an odd and even numbered packet as they will include different items).
  • What's inside? It's Superesse stuff, a selection from our unique brand. Other than that, we can't say.
  • Bonus! There are a limited number of packets that also contain a bonus product/s (these are $45 each).
  • Note: If you've purchased a secret packet in the past you may find similar/duplicate items in these packets but we've tried to vary the majority of them.
  • Oh yea, if you've read this far, you might have also noticed we've placed packs 76-85 on sale early. Snag them now and ensure you've got a packet coming your way once they all drop on April 1st. It's kinda like a secret pre-order, we'll ship them in April.

If you like this concept, consider one of our subscription box plans where we ship out Superesse gear monthly. You never know what you're going to get.