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Paracord Anklet with Compass

Bootstrap Extension - Ankle Adapter to convert Wrist Straps for wear around ankle or lower leg.

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Only compatible with Superesse Straps. This is not a complete anklet, it requires you to already own one of our straps.
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Bootstrap Extension Paracord Anklet Adapter
(convert your Superesse Wrist Strap in-order-to wear on the ankle)

There are times when our place of work's uniform standards do not allow for a bracelet's wear or you may need to appear less conspicuous to not draw attention to yourself by wearing a "Tactical" like bracelet. Whatever the reason, this extender allows you to switch your Superesse Strap from an ankle wear to a wrist wear and vice versa. It's a short paracord extension that adds 1-4 extra inches top the overall length.

How to choose the right buckle model? Choose the buckle that matches the one on your current strap. (if you have the EDC Prepper you can choose the LED Buckle or the 3in1 Buckle). If you are not sure then just ask first.

How to choose the right size? Place your Strap on your ankle at the intended wear location. Measure the distance from buckle tip to buckle tip. Order the size that is closest to that measurement. I'd suggest rounding up, better loose than tight. Keep the strap loose while measuring, don't wrap it tight against your leg. Use a rigid item like a business card (mark, then compare against ruler) or a cloth ruler to measure. 

 Watch Video of Ankle Adapter here.