Emergency Loadout Guide - Everyday Carry (EDC) and PSK [PDF]

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Everyday Carry (EDC) and Personal Survival Kit (PSK)

Emergency Loadout Guide (ELG)


      • This is a digital product that is downloaded upon purchase.
      • Includes a PDF file. (.docx and .odt files also available)
      • Free lifetime updates to any future versions of the Emergency Loadout Guide for EDC/PSK.
      • There are 6 parts to the ELG. This download is for the EDC/PSK. Each ELG provides checklists, packing tips, emergency guidelines on using loadouts, how-to walkthroughs, and more.

This Emergency Loadout Guide discusses the Everyday Carry (EDC) essentials you pocket, wear, or otherwise attach to yourself during the course of the day. EDC is more that just knives, flashlights, or a gun; it encompasses the mindset, utilitarian needs, possible threats, typical tasks, local (weather/terrain), and your expected course of action. Since our daily lives vary greatly, there is no way to create a checklist that is exhaustive of all scenarios but we have formed a "Line of Carry" Checklist that provides an example of what gear, tools, and supplies should be on your person.

AKA: Everyday Carry, EDC, Pocket Gear, Pocket Dump, Daily Carry, PSK.

Purpose: EDC is a careful selection of items; carried, worn, or within reach, that will offer immediate assistance to accomplish tasks or otherwise aid yourself/others. This could be the use of a bottle opener at a backyard BBQ or a tourniquet following a mass casualty event. Your EDC should include a Personal Survival Kit helping you sustain until you can reach your Get Home Bag or Bugout Bag. EDC isn’t just for trivial daily chores, it’s the first line of preparedness.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): 


  • Understand the Mindset, Reason for EDC, and Situational Awareness
  • Discuss Carry and Wear Methods practicing the Grayman Technique.
  • Legalities of Concealed Weapons and Good Samaritan laws.
  • Explanation of Lines of Carry, EDC Checklist.
  • Develope a Personal Survival Kit, PSK.



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