Gasoline Storage & Procurement - Preparedness Approach to Fuel [PDF]

Gasoline Storage & Procurement - Preparedness Approach to Fuel [PDF]

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Prepping Guide

Gasoline Storage for SHTF

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This how-to-guide emphasises fuel storage as part of your preparation for an emergency crisis that would cripple fuel distribution and oil refinery production. Rather it be a national disaster, EMP, or shortage; this guide will provide details on how to collect, store, and stabilize fuel.

Bottom Line Up Up Front (BLUF):

  • Learn how to siphon fuel.
  • Stabilize for long term storage.
  • Locate improvised fuel sources for SHTF procurement.
  • Collect and store in safe containers.
  • Maintain sufficient gasoline for bugging out, supply runs, and powering essential equipment.