Survival Smartphone - Viable Operations of a Mobile Phone [PDF]

Survival Smartphone - Viable Operations of a Mobile Phone [PDF]

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Survival Smartphone for SHTF

  • This is a digital product that is downloaded upon purchase.
  • Includes a PDF file.
  • This is a working document and further tips, guides, and app suggestions will be added.
  • Free lifetime updates to any future versions of the guide.

A smartphone is a survival tool. During localized emergencies it can relay info to your family using PTT radio apps, navigate to a rally point, get federal alerts or weather updates, and more. However, the abilities of a phone are not limited just because SHTF and internet/cell-coverage is out. Your phone can still use downloaded maps, built-in flashlight, access pre-saved survival textbooks/guides, start a fire with the battery, improvise a compass using magnet and wire from phone components, use camera as binos or range/distance finder, signal using reflective screen, make a fishing lure, and so much more.

Bottom Line Up Up Front (BLUF):


  • Select a phone and phone provider with the most survival options.
  • Choose a case for protection & covert storage. 
  • Extend battery life, optimize for SHTF, Faraday protect device.
  • Equip a micro survival kit to phone.
  • Familiarize with 20+ phone specificsurvival abilities.
  • App Guide, select from tried and tested apps for emergencies.