Survival Fishing - SHTF Tips and Techniques for catching fish.

Survival Fishing - SHTF Tips and Techniques for catching fish.

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Survival Fishing

SHTF Sustenance Collection

Fishing Techniques - Trapping Methods - Primitive Fishing  - Unlawful & Last Ditch Effort Guide

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  • This document primarily contains text providing tips, techniques, and guides for fishing in a SHTF scenario.

After food sources have been depleted, knowing how to catch fish with or without the proper fishing supplies is essential to survival and sustainment. Survival Fishing is useful if you are bugging out and run low on food prior to arriving at your Bug Out Location (BOL) or if you get lost while hiking, or if you find yourself in any scenario where food sources are low and there are no other alternatives. Having a fishing kit is one thing, but knowing how to fish is another.  Learning to fish can be fun, a great family activity and is a skill that can provide an unlimited food supply. So let's have a look at some fishing tips for you that can help. This guide will provide 10 basic suggestions to help you think outside the box when fishing under less than ideal conditions. The guide will discuss 16 different fishing methods. You can further research each by researching online for videos and walkthroughs. This guide gives you the ability to familiarize yourself with unique techniques but practicing and researching is on you. Don’t wait until you need to use one of these methods and be left trying it for the first time without prior training or education.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. Your food sources are depleted or nearing depletion.
  2. Wild game, restaurants, stores, foraging and other resources are non-existent or not feasible.
  3. A body of water is nearby.
  4. You do not have a rod and reel nor complete tackle kit.
  5. Use a basic Superesse survival kit such as a Bracelet, EDC Tin, or Patch Kit to aid in fashioning tools to utilize the below techniques.
  6. Follow the 10 basic guidelines in this guide to gather a basic understanding of how to fish under less than ideal conditions during a survival scenario.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the included 16 fish catching techniques to collect food from water.