Bug Out Patch Kit

Bug Out Patch Kit - offgrid survival back-up package

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Subdued Storage Pocket Patch, (2-side Plain Black Velcro) comes standard. Add additional Covert Storage Pocket Patches here.


(offgrid survival back-up package)

1. MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet(2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.
2. Two(2)Eagle Claw Size 8 Fishing Hook: Bronze, plain-shank.
3. P38 Multi-Tool: Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Sinker and Weight, Fish Gutter, Box opener, Carbon Scraper, Sharpener, Prying Device, polish off black to use as signal mirror.
4. Aluminum Cooking Foil: Square 5"x5", heavy duty foil sheet for cooking, shaping into bowl for boiling water, signalling, fishing lure, etc.
5. Two(2) UCO Strike Anywhere Match. Carbonized, White Phosphorus Tipped.
6. Fire Starter Ferrocerium Peg, (micro size): TIPS: Start a fire, Scrape slowly to shave off black covering before use, Strike quickly to ignite tinder, Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, Provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame.
7. Tinder Wick Strand: A combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof. TIPS: A. Fray red wick to create a tinder nest. B. Light. C. Each 1 inch piece of wick will burn for close to 1 minute.
8. Nylon cordage: single length of string to improvise in shelter building, fishing, sutures, etc.
9. Two(2) Luminous Glow Light Surfaces: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output for seeing a map or operation orders in dark environments.
10. Thumb Tac Compass: waterproof, shock resistant, glass dome crimped to brass housing. Operable in 0°-160°F ranges. Weight 1 gram, size 11mm x 4.5mm. 
11. Micro Chem Light Stick: (3yr shelf life, bright green/yellow glow). Break to activate. Illuminate documents or complete tasks in low light conditions. Use as signalling/comms device. 
12. Mylar Sealed Packets:  The majority, if not all, items are packaged inside small Mylar bags. The bags are labeled so you can identify what's inside before opening. The bags have a reflective inside layer and waterproof seal. Tear open to deploy to access supplies.

a. the standard option comes with both the covert pocket patch and all included kit contents.
b. the standalone/replacement kit includes all kit contents listed above but does not include a morale patch.

NOTE: the LED light stick in some images is no longer included.