Field Repair Patch Kit - Fix broken items, stitch torn bags, parch tent rips, and seal holes.

Field Repair Patch Kit - Fix broken items, stitch torn bags, parch tent rips, and seal holes.

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Subdued Storage Pocket Patch, (2-side Plain Black Velcro) comes standard. Add additional Covert Storage Pocket Patches here.


(Essentials for field repairs to clothing, bags,  tents, and broken tools.)

1. Nail, Steel: Tack to tree for hanging gear, repair wood furniture, pick lock, defuse a nuclear bomb.
2. 2x Zipties , black: Simple micro polymer cable tie.
3. Black Steel Plated Security Pin: mini safety pin.
4. Duct Tape Patch: Repair and waterproof small holes, fix gear rips, use as bandage holder.
5. Bronze Safety Pin: Improvise as fish hook, pin broken arm's sleeve to chest for a sling, remove splinter.
6. Needle/Pick: repair a torn pack, modify a jacket, navigate by statically charging and floating on leaf, improvise as suture pin.
7. Sewing Kit: 2 buttons, 1 pin and 6 threads in 6 different colors.
8. Gear Repair Waterproofing Tape: approx. Clear nylon, fix fabric and vinyl gear fast and repair holes and tears to tents, tarps and furniture with this peel and stick repair tape; no sewing required.
9. Fabric Mending Patch: Approx. Single use nylon adhesive backed repair tape for clothing and canvas.
10. 4x Double Sided Glue Dots: 360° adhesive dots to affix lightweight items to walls, boards, vehicle dash, doors, etc. Hang up a map/note/photo, secure loose object, etc.
11. Super Glue: Quick bonding glue, .01oz tube, non-porous use on most surfaces.
12. Nylon Cordage 3ft: twisted string.
13. Bushcraft Stitch Needle: Leatherwork and canvas semi-blunt tip needle. Stainless steel, large-eye.
14. Velcro Tie-Down Strap: adjustable strap to cinch and secure items in place.

15. Aramid Cordage: Kevlar variant sewing thread, high durable string with fire retardant and tensile strength properties.
15. Mylar Sealed Packets:  The majority, if not all, items are packaged inside small Mylar bags. The bags are label so you can identify what's inside before opening. The bags have a reflective inside layer and waterproof seal. Tear open to deploy all inside supplies.

a. the standard option comes with both the covert pocket patch and all included kit contents.
b. the standalone full kit includes all kit contents listed above but does not include a morale patch.