Storage Pocket Patch:

Storage Pocket Patch: "Stop the Bleed" and "CPR" Quick Reference

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(quick reference first-aid and trauma guide)

This patch is intended to be a constant reminder of how treat gunshot wounds and deep lacerations so when the time comes, it's engraved in your head. The CPR reference allows the basic lifesaver the guidance needed to recollect and provide Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation in a firstaid scenario.

  • It's a morale patch¬†with a front panel reference guide for treating blood loss and heart attacks.
  • Built-in Storage Pocket: The "hook" side contains a laser-cut slit allowing you to access a nearly 2" x 3" x .25" open storage area.¬†
    • Secure bandages, medication, surgical blade, notes, alcohol prep pads, and more inside the compartment.
    • Items stay put inside and will not fall out during wear or carry.¬†
    • The "hook" side attaches to¬†clothing, hats, backpacks, etc.
  • The¬†Display side is built from PVC and is double stitched to the "hook" backing increasing resistance to wear and tear from repeated access to storage pocket.
  • Stop the Bleed diagram is color coded and should be paired with the colored data to quickly reference how to stop bleeding in a patient.
  • CPR guide gives a minimalist amount of information to remind the first responder how to provide aid.
  • Size¬†2.1" x 3.1" x .25"