PSK Personal Survival Kit: essential supplies for last ditch survival or minor emergencies

PSK Personal Survival Kit: essential supplies for last ditch survival or minor emergencies

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Subdued Storage Pocket Patch, (2-side Plain Black Velcro) comes standard. Add additional Covert Storage Pocket Patches here.


(essential outdoor supplies for survival)

1. Black Steel Plated Security Pin: A heavy duty micro safety pin.
2. MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet(2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.
3. 10ft of 8lb Fishing Line, monofilament. 
4. Eagle Claw Size 8 Fishing Hook: Bronze, plain-shank.
5. P38 Multi-Tool: Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Sinker and Weight, Fish Gutter, Box opener, Carbon Scraper, Sharpener, Prying Device, polish off black to use as signal mirror.
6. Ziptie, black: Simple micro polymer cable tie.
7. Razor Blade: #9, straight single edge blade, sheathed. Attach to wood handle to use as handheld blade, whittle wood as a morale booster, carve tools, cut rope, fillet fish, etc.
8. Needle/Pick: repair a torn pack, modify a jacket, navigate by statically charging and floating on leaf, improvise as suture pin.
9. Strike Anywhere Match: Single use firestarter.
10. Bandage: Sterile, small bandage for minor cuts/injuries.
11. Safety Pin: improvise as fish hook, pin broken arm's sleeve to chest for a sling, remove splinter, hold items together, magnetize and fashion as a compass, etc.
12. Mylar Sealed Packets:  The majority of, if not all, items are packaged inside small Mylar bags. The bags are labeled so you can identify what's inside before opening. The bags have a reflective inside layer and waterproof seal. Tear open to access supplies.

a. the standard option comes with both the covert pocket patch and all included kit contents.
b. the standalone/replacement kit includes all kit contents listed above but does not include a morale patch.