ParaKeeper: Paracord Keychain Wrist Shackle with Survival Kit.

ParaKeeper: Paracord Keychain Wrist Shackle with Survival Kit.

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(Paracord Wrapped Keychain Wristlet with Survival Kit)

This paracord securely shackles around your wrist during carry or can be hung on your vehicle's gear shifter or blinker. It's got a large opening designed like a paracord bracelet making it easy to wear or stow during mobility. 

The carabiner ends has a heavy duty HK-Style Clip for attaching keys and tools.

Under the paracord weave is a supply core storing your choice of survival supplies. The exterior can be outfitted with optional EDC, Fire, and Navigation gear.

  • 15+ feet of paracord
  • Bracelet style shackle for carry and hanging options
  • Inner supply core filled with survival items
  • Attachable EDC tools are optional
  • Carabiner clip holds keys
  • Doubles as a self defense sap

these items are stored in side the weave of the paracord band

Survival Basics - 2 strike anywhere matches, fish hook, wax jute tinder, water purification tablet (2 liters), safety pin, needle, micro firesteel rod, glow light surface.

Escape and Tactical - Shim saw, handcuff key (key is stored on outside for quick access), green chemstick light, ziptie, SOLAS reflective surface, kevlar escape cord.

First-Aid - Bandage, 2 aspirin, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol prep pad, radiation defense tablet, moleskin, signal mirror.

Procurement - 3 fish hooks, monofilament fishing line, 2 split shot weights, 2 water purification tablets (4 liters), cooking foil square, 7oz water bag.

these items are attached to the outer paracord band for quick access

Navigation Set - Luminous Compass, 2 Ranger Bands.

Emergency Set - Seatbelt Cutter, 4 Ranger Bands.

Fire Set - Ferro Firesteel Toggle, Tinder Wick, Jute Tinder, 4 Ranger Bands.

Survival Set - p38 Multitool, Kevlar Sawing Cord, Tinder Wick.