Firestarter ParaRod

ParaRod - Paracord Sheathed Ferrocerium Firestarter Rod and Tinder Wick

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(A ferro fire starting rod and flammable tinder stuffed inside a length of paracord.)


We've taken a 2+ inch length of FireCord containing a highly flammable tinder wick, then inserted a durable Ferrocerium Firestarter Rod. The Tinder and Rod are fully enclosed within the MilSpec paracord sheath. The tinder is water proof. This pairing of supplies allows you a field expedited fire when needed most. 

Drop the ParaRod in your wallet, pocket, or EDC pouch. Strap it to your Bic or Knife with a ranger band.

To get a fire, cut the end and remove the wick and rod. Fluff up the tinder then strike the rod with a scraper or knife.

Ferro Rod measures in at 3/32" x 2" and produces 5500 F (3000 C) sparks that will start a fire in the toughest conditions.