EDC Paperclip

Tactical Paper Clip - Heavyduty 125lb Steel Tool

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"Not for mundane office use. For rugged applications"

Tactical Paperclip: 
(Stainless steel wire, forged into a paperclip. Two curled ends prevent slipping, the smooth quenched steel metal prevents binding. Implement usage in multiple survival and tactical tasks.)

This paperclip is rated at 125lbs. Imagine what MacGyver could have done with that!? It can be used in setting snare traps, fishing (quick changing of lures, sinkers, or rigs), cordage tension tool in tied-owns, winch systems such as hanging a bear bag, zipper pull replacement, K9 lead quick detachment, key ring substitute, and more.
  • Currently available in Standard Stainless Steel uncoated (silver).