bushcraft safety pin

Bushcraft Safety Pin - Heavyduty Single Wire Steel Pin

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"Not for diapering or a lady's craft night. For rugged applications"

Bushcraft Safety Pin: 
(Nickle plated steel wire in bronze coat, forged into a safety pin. Curved clasp keeps pin safely retain, oversized 2" length and 0.040" wire allows for implementing in multiple survival and tactical tasks.)

The idea here is to provide a durable retention tool for bushcraft, hiking, and tactical purposes. Cinch up boot after laces have broke, keep a pouch on a pack secure while trekking, use as a key ring or lure holder, adjust the front sight post of an AR, repair torn straps, fashion into a hook, use as a bail handle for a hot pot, acts as a carabiner, overlap a torn canvas tarp, etc.
*Unlike stainless steel, this pin is reactive to magnets allowing further possible applications.