Brand Ambassador: Show your support.

Brand Ambassador

Why be an Ambassador?
The benefit of being a BA is access to new items before launch, lifetime discounts up to 75% off, free gear, and bonus Superesse Stash Cash. It's a great way to support our small Veteran owned shop as we continue to expand and bring last-ditch emergency gear to more people. If you would like to be a brand ambassador first create an account with us then fill out the application below. 

Create Customer Account.

1. Must have 1000+ social media followers/subscribers.
2. Must have a clean account. (no questionable material/language, must be primarily original materials and not just re-shares of others shots, not tacky account).
3. Must own Superesse gear or be placing an order today. Must be willing to rep us, stand-up for our brand, and interact on our accounts.
4. Must be willing to update your profile to reflect your role as an ambassador.
5. Must make regular (bi-weekly minimum) posts or mentions, (original shots of our gear, reposts from our pages, feature in a video, etc.)

1. Subscription to BA Newsletter with first access to new products.
2. 25% to 50% off discount for life of the partnership.
3. Free Gear via Superesse Stash Cash allowance of 1000 points (250 for signup + 250-750 upon acceptance), 135 points for social media interaction, 250 points for each customer you refer to us, 1 point for each $1 spent, 1 point every month you visit our website, and up to 1000 points when you go above and beyond by creating great content (such as a video demo breakdown of our gear or livestream review). Points can then be cashed in for free gear like patches, shirts, hanks, and bracelets. 

 - Complete Application, verify you respond to all questions -

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