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Brand Ambassador: Show your support.

Brand Ambassador

Why be an Ambassador?
The benefit of being a BA is access to new items before launch, lifetime discounts up to 75% off, free gear, and store credit per referral. It's a great way to support our small Veteran owned shop as we continue to expand and bring last-ditch emergency gear to more people. If you would like to be a brand ambassador first create an account with us then fill out the application below. 

Create Customer Account.

1. Must have 1000+ social media followers/subscribers.
2. Must have a clean account. (no questionable material/language, must be primarily original materials and not just re-shares of others shots, not tacky account).
3. Must own Superesse gear or be placing an order today. Must be willing to rep us, stand-up for our brand, and interact on our accounts.
4. Must be willing to update your profile to reflect your role as an ambassador.
5. Must make regular posts or mentions, (original shots of our gear, reposts from our pages, feature in a video, etc.)

 - Complete Application, verify you respond to all questions -

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