Leave me a Gnome

Leave me a Gnome

Want a Gnome at your doorsteps? We'll send you 4 over the next year at unsuspecting times. It's an annual subscription service where a themed, handmade, stuffed gnome is secretly dropped off at your front door about every 3 months. Makes a great gift idea.


Not into the annual idea? That's fine we have as quarterly plan too! Or just grab one-time purchase from our current Shelfish Collection.



Who delivers the order? Gnomes are delivered via USPS. 

Is this a committment? Cancel anytime.

How is it a surprise? We don't send shipping notifications on subscription orders because we want it to be a surprise. 

When do you ship subscriptions? You may get all 4 in the first 4 months or we may spread out deliver over 12 months. There's no way to know. 

What types of gnomes will I get? Tou may get a holiday gnome delivered at Christmas, Independence Day, or Valentine's. Or you may get Gomes with no specific holiday theme. They come unexpectedly and will make you cry, laugh, or worry. They don't care about your feelings, they like to be the focus of attention so we recommend you prepare your children or pets to no longer be the priority in your life.

Do the gnomes have souls? Yes.

What do I do with them? Leave them unboxed at the front door if you want. It's your home, leave them alone and face the consequences but we suggest you take them inside, place them on a shelf in the family room, sit them in front of the TV, tuck them in your bed at night, or hang them by their hat above your shower head. It really doesnt matter,  the next morning they may be gone. We don't control the gnome, they have a mind of their own. 

What are they made of? Cotton, rice, fabric, plastic accessories, or whatever else we else we decide to make them out of.

Should you end sentences with a preposition? No.