Superesse Media Features and Appearances

PODCASTS: Listen/Watch to shows featuring Superesse as a guest speaker.

📺The Secure Dad- Family security, EDC considerations, building community connections for situational awareness.

🎙️Weekly Intel Brief (recurring)- New each week Superesse will provide rundown commentary of the News/Intel from the Grayman Briefing with the Bottom Line Up Front.

🎙️The Survival Show Podcast- A discussion with Ultimate Survival Tips on hiding in plain sight and staying current/aware of surroundings/events.

🎙️Bugging Out a Casual Preppers Podcast- Series on bugging out, from prepping your home to egressing by vehicle.

📺Self Initiative Project- Home defense and preparedness.

🎙️Two Guys One Topic- What is prepping and how do you get started? See our interview below and listen to their prequel podcast before the interview.

🎙️Preppers Live (Prepper Broadcasting Network- Relaxed chat on prepping and current events.

🎙️The Distinguished Savage- Grayman Theory, 5th Gen Warfare, and practicing enhanced SA.

🎙️Situational Awareness Tactics by Detect the Wolf- EDC Mindset and Carry Methods

🎙️Gun Funny Podcast - How to get started prepping, current events leading to SHTF.

📺The Dad's Doomsday Guide - Stocking and Prepping Supplies, Bartering, Disaster Readiness.

📺Ozarks Prepared - Bugout Bags, Survival Caches, Bugout Vehicle.

📺Man Made Survival - Bugout Vehicle Evaluation.

🎙️The Arms Room - Basics of Prepping and EDC.

🎙️Dr. Carlos: Situational Awareness - Grayman Theory.

🎙️Holistic Prepper - Offgrid Bugout Locations and Get Home Bags.

📺Gutter Fighting Secrets - Contingency Comms in Censored Media and a Practical Approach to Prepping.