Superesse Paracord Straps

What are Superesse Paracord Straps?

We have outfiited a series a paracord bracelets designed to fit various lifestyles and tasks. Each strap is outfitted with incorporated supplies to aid in those that; serve behind enemy lines in the military, are preparing for a SHTF event in an urban environment, in need of backup supplies for a camping trip gone wrong, an more. 

We equip quickly accessible EDC tools to the outer band for use in daily tasks. For example: a seat belt cutter that's secured with paracord on one end and then held in place by a ranger(rubber) band. Next we take a series of smaller survival supplies and store inside the inner core (under the paracord weave). The supplies are only reachable by unraveling the strap and should be accesses for emergency uses only. 

What models are available?

Below is a collection of our themed straps. Choose the one that best fits your daily needs or could aid in better preparing your for the unexpected. While a fully loaded Bug Out Bag, Tool Box, or First-Aid Kit is preferable; how often are they within arm's reach when needed most? Our straps can be worn daily and will always be on your person when diaster strikes or a simple tasks needs to be completed.

How do I choose the right size?

Sizing- Bracelets come in 4 sizes. The size is based off your wrist measurement. Choose the size that fits your measurement. (use a cloth ruler or a string/ruler to find diameter of wrist)
Small- Fits sizes 6.25" to 7" wrists
Medium Tight- Fits 7" to 7.5" wrists
Medium Loose- Fits 7.5" to 8" wrists
Large- Fits 8" to 8.75" wrists
(Measure twice buy once. We are not responsible if the size delivered does not fit your wrist. Bracelets are made to be accurate to the nearest half inch.)

What are the color options?

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