Superesse Staff

Wesley: Co-Owner, founded Superesse Straps. Product creator and tester. Marketing and social media manager. Preps and packs all kits for tins, patches, hanks, straps, etc. Customer service lead. Analyst/editor at Grayman Brief.

Wesley is an avid outdoorsman. He's hiked thru 3 states of the Appalachian Trail, built an offgrid bugout location, has served as an instructor in the US Army, developed a crime prevention strategy for his law enforcement agency, developed the ICERS crisis response plan, written and published 15+ survival guides, and continues to educate and practice the principles of preparedness and survival. He is a law enforcement officer stationed in North Carolina and lives with his Wife, Diana, his boy [redacted], and a pair of dogs along with a cat. Wesley formed a cooperative of experts and intelligence specialists to develop the Grayman Brief which now operates independently of Superesse.

Background/Education: Holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology and certificates in MILDEC, OPSEC, SERE, Anti-Terrorism Evasive Tech, Irregular Warfare, Intercultural Competency, Information Operations & Counter Surveillance, US Army Combatives, ABIC/SGL Military Instructor, CPTED, Crime Prevention, Disaster Preparedness, CERT, Wilderness First-Aid, Redcross CPR, Search/Rescue, Crisis Intervention Training, Countering Violent Extremism, Nuclear Radiological Worker RWT, TS-SCI (Top Secret) Clearance, and other sensitive in nature courses and certifications.. 


Diana: Co-Owner. Hand weaves paracord straps. Handmakes pouches and hanks. Shipping and Quality assurance.

Diana is a momma above all else. She's been in the veterinarian field for a decade so it goes without saying that her rescue dogs, Macy and Suki, along with Walter the cat are part of the family. Aside from rangeling Logan and the pets; Diana is an avid runner, having recently completed the NYC Marathon, being outside running is her passion. Superesse is possible because she is able to turn an idea into a material object. Every carryall and utilitarian handkerchief was handcrafted and brought to live by her. She works full time in the production of all Superesse products.

Background/Education: Holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and certification in veterinarian technician services.

Other Employees: We have a floating work environment allowing friends and family to assist in production and prep as needed. Sometimes our shop is staffed everyday of the week while at other times we may go a month without any assistance from outside. There are far too many to list by name but we are thankful for the fluidity of our friends and family who come over to help on a moments notice to assure orders get out on time. The identify of our Grayman Brief analysts remains detached from Superesse and is not releasable.