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Camp Rag: Burn Proof Work Cloth built from Durable Kevlar Fabric w/ Lanyard Grommet.

Camp Rag: Burn Proof Work Cloth built from Durable Kevlar Fabric w/ Lanyard Grommet.

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A burnproof work rag used to tend to a fire, grasp hot equipment or firearm suppressor, shield from flames, soak up a grease spill, shield during a parry from knife based attacks, etc. Equipped with grommet for attaching to lanyard, key ring, etc. Built and crafted with 2 layers of kevlar fabric and stitched together with aramid thread.

Flame resistant: Up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Developed by Superesse and built by Burn Proof Gear to our specifications. 

Grommet Hole: a gloss black steel lanyard hole for utilitarian uses.

Kevlar Bungee Cordage: Flame resistant elastic rope for improvised used.

SPECS: 2 layer Kevlar woven cloth, aramid sew, metal grommet, est. 10"x10" size.

Note: Camp Rag is absorbent to heat. While cloth is near impossible to burn or ignite, heat is easily transferred thru material and can burn hands if exposed to prolong heat while grasping 

Tips: Place Camp Rag atop a pot or mug of coffee while heating on an open flame to block ashes and debris.

Tips: Use as a barrel/suppressor wrap on a recently fired rifle to protect from burns. Use Kevlar Bungere Cord to secure cover.

Tips: Cover an hot engine block while making mechanical adjustments under the hood.

Tips: Tend to a campfire and arrange logs and kindling.

Tips: Parry a knife attack while protecting from offensive cuts.

Tips: Use as a gun pad/mat to lay out small firearm parts while cleaning.

Tips: Improvise as an​ oven mitt. Use bungee cord to make a hook for hanging mitt by oven.

Care/Maintenance: Wash this Hank anyway you want. It's durable. Throw in the machine wash, dry in the dryer, or clean by hand. Use any detergent. Just steer clear of bleach.