EDC Hank - Pocket Dump Storage Compartment Handkerchief.

EDC Hank - Pocket Dump Storage Compartment Handkerchief.

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This hank is equipped with a large storage pocket built in between the two layers of fabric. Allows for an Everyday Carry of a small bag that can be used to store small pocket dump items or survival supplies. The pocket is secured by Hook and Loop to ensure items stay put. Why carry a regular hank when this one doubles as an carryall pouch.


  • Soft Fabric: Use as standard hank to wipe up spills, as tissue, grasping hot equipment, checking motor oil dip stick, and more. Comes standard with Cotton Ripstop Fabric unless noted otherwise.
  • Hook and Loop Pocket Closure: Subdued Velcro tape keeps items inside the hank secure and doesn't interfere with folding away the hank into your pocket for EDC.
  • Pocket Dump Compartment: The pocket is created between the two layers of fabric. Store the components of your Superesse Strap after its deployment, store tinder and kindling, line with ziplock bag to improvise as water canteen, collect foraged items, or use as a computer tablet sleeve/protector.
  • Paracord Pull: 550lb Parachute Cordage Pull for quick access to pocket and as hook/loop to hang.


  • Waterproof Liner: This options adds a liner that is *waterproof creating a pouched hank that will temporarily float and repel water. The sewn borders and Velcro closure makes the hank it self NOT waterproof but rather, very water resistant. It will hold water as a water container for a 5+ minutes but will slowly leak. This option still makes the hank great for kayaking/boating/outdoors when you need to keep gear dry.
  • Florescent Liner: This liner works as a signaling marker when the hank is inverted. It also creates a bright working mat surface for keeping up with small supplies. It further add a water-resistant ripstop material which makes the pouch great for foraging damp berries/greenery.¬†

‚ÄčSPECS: Approximate Standard 12" x 12" or Mini 6" x 6" size, 2 fabric layers, hideaway storage pouch, Hook/Loop closure, paracord pull, w/ optional waterproof/signal liner.


Fill pouch with charcoal, sand, and rocks to improvise as water filter.

Line pouch with Ziplock Bag to create a sturdy water canteen.

Improvise as Self-Defense tool. Create a Sap by placing heavy object(rock, fish weight, etc) in center of Hank. Fold in half diagonally then roll Hank from apex to base. Fold end-to-end. Swing at target.

While camping, Keep essentials secure and nearby your sleeping bag or fill with spare  clothes or pinestraw to form a pillow.

Fashion a bindle sack; split end of stick, insert paracord pull, wrap to secure.


Machine wash with detergent. Or wash by hand with warm water and soap. Dry on medium heat or hang to dry.