Faraday Hank - EMP/Radiation/RFID Resistant Handkerchief.

Faraday Hank - EMP/Radiation/RFID Resistant Handkerchief.

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Carry this hank daily and be ready for an apocalyptic EMP by shielding your electronics. In a more probably scenario, use hank as a layer of protection against financial or identify fraud/theft by securing your wallet/cards inside the hank or quickly kills incoming/outgoing signals when needing to silence your phone or go offgrid. The hank is wave resistant but not wave proof, result may vary.


  • *EMP Defense, RFID Shield, Harmful Radiation Protection. Soft fabric layer with stitched EMF Nickle/Copper cloth lining.
  • *Security Defense: Anti-Theft protection against Data, Identify, Financial information common in high density areas. Blocks card/chip readers to counter skimming or the surreptitious scanning from nearby hacker. (blocks RFID/NFC).
  • *EMP Shield: Protect your cell phone/electronics by quickly wrapping inside hank. Degrades electromagnetic pulses with anti-static copper/nickel (layering based on Faraday Cage principles).
  • *Signal Isolation: Quickly cuts incoming and outgoing signals. Use in classified facilities, conference rooms, or to prevent tracking, (go black/offgrid).
  • *Radiation Defense: Shields against harmful radiation caused by cell phones, electronics, microwaves, etc. (deflects EMR, ELF, Radio Frequencies, Wi-fi, data etc.)
  • Paracord Pull: 550lb Parachute Cordage for quick access to pouch and use as loop/hook to hang.
  • Velcro Closure: Opening Pocket is kept secure with Velcro Strip.

SPECS: Nickel and Copper Ripstop fabric sewn against soft Nylon/Cotton Ripstop fabric.  10"x10" pocket style.


    YouTube Faraday Electronics Test

    YouTube Fabric Test to shield signals


    Place device inside hank. Fold hank over device on 4 sides. Maintain a tight closure by wrapping a rubber band around folded hank or by placing in pants pocket, or snuggly in a purse/bag, etc.


    Nickel may produce skin allergies. The material is not intended for prolonged contact with skin. Use the ripstop sides for basic Hanks/Tissue purposes. As with any Faraday Cage, it is only reliable if the circuit can be completed. Your specific device/item, environment, and signals can vary causing a wide range of effectiveness. Results may vary and a fabric based hank will not offer 100% shielding.


    How do you use as Faraday Cage? Simply drop electronic devices or chipped ID/financial cards inside the pocket. Seal Velcro closure. Ensure item is in center of hank then fold four sides over. Use a rubber band or simply to drop it in your pocket or bag to help keep fold in place. The effectiveness of the shielding properties is reliant upon a proper Faraday seal. This means that you should ensure that the silver cloth one makes physical contact on all sides of the item inserted in hank. 4 folds will assist in accomplishing this. Try to maintain the proper silver to silver cloth contact.

    Carry in back pocket with wallet fully wrapped inside hank to defend against credit card/ID skimming by RFID/NFC wireless device. (or shield or ID and credit cards directly inside the hank for max effectiveness)

    Silence your phone quickly while in a meeting by wrapping phone inside. (it's like an instant Airplane Mode). Also protect against dormant radiation emitted by cellular devices.

    Protect yourself from radiation based illness caused by use of tablets/computers. Lay #faradayhank over lap or desk as a protective mat/barrier between electronics and your organs.


    *Capabilities to shield vary and are highly dictated by the user's proper wrap/fold of the Faraday fabric around the enclosed device. Ensure that all sides are shielded by a complete seal around the device.


    Hand Wash. Don't use soap or detergent. Cold water only. Hang to dry.