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Filter Bandana: Water Filtration and Air-Contaminant Face Barrier.

Filter Bandana: Water Filtration and Air-Contaminant Face Barrier.

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A 4 layer hank with highly porous, built-in carbon fiber cloth and silk nanofibrils (SNFs) filter. The filter is centered in the center of the bandana allowing you to treat water on the fly using as a straining system or use as a hand to mouth mask to shield from the effects of gases/smoke and airborne contaminates.


Water Filter: Removes contaminates in water. Serves as field expedient filter. Promotes decomposition of pollutants: cholora, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Particulates larger than sieve pours are captured and filtered from water. Pores and membranes allow water permeation (flux) and broad-spectrum separation on nano-particulants

Gas Mask: Removes harmful particles and contaminates such as carcinogens, exhaust, and other pollutants (such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia). Serves as barrier against poisonous gas such as benzene and carbinol and airborne pathogens.

SPECS: 2 soft cotton outer layers with an inner carbon fiber filter & SNF filter, approx. 4"x4" sewn inside the center between cotton layers, est. 12" x 12" size.

Tips: Hold center of hank against mouth/nose to aid in protection of harmful air contaminates. Wet/soak prior to use for best filter results.

Tips: To filter water, pour 2oz at a time into center of hank(holding in cone shape with stitched side up) and allow water to dissipate thru material into collection container and repeat process.

Tips: Fashion into bandage to ease blood loss. Offers absorbing and clotting functions needed to treat field injuries. Place on wound and secure in place.

Care/Maintenance: Hand wash only with warm water and dish soap. Do not bend filter square more than necessary for normal operation. Rolling and squeezing is acceptable to remove excess water. Hang dry only. For field expedient cleaning, boiling water may be poured thru filter, though this may cause damage to outer layer fabric.

*Abilities to filter water and air particulates based on manufactures claims, independent studies/lab tests, and testing with TDS monitor, UV dissolution observation, PH, Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Nitrates/Nitrites test kits.

*Use at your own risk based on your training and experiences. (no guarantee is made on effectiveness of purification/filtration)

*Some Hanks only include the carbon filter. See details in drop down list to verify.