Fire Patch Kit: fire crafting supplies and tinder

Fire Patch Kit: fire crafting supplies and tinder

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Subdued Storage Pocket Patch, (2-side Plain Black Velcro) comes standard. Add additional Covert Storage Pocket Patches here.


(fire crafting supplies and tinder)

1. Survival Torch: Water/Wind Proof Match. Long burn time, Strong Flame, Requires Striking Surface or Spark.
2. 2x UCO Strike Anywhere Matches: Carbonized, White Phosphorus Tipped.
3. Fire Starter Ferrocerium Rod: Large 2" firestarter TIPS: Start a fire, Scrape slowly to shave off black covering before use, Strike quickly to ignite tinder, Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, Provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame.
4. Jute String/Tinder, 1 foot of 3 ply small rope, use as wound dressing for absorbent properties, tie down, fire tinder.
5. Tinder Tape Patch: Heavy duty adhesive duct tape with added flammable strands allowing a slow tar like burn. Stick to your kindling and ignite or wrap around a limb to use as a torch.
6. Tinder Wick: A combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof. TIPS: A. Fray red wick to create a tinder nest. B. Light. C. Each 1 inch piece of wick will burn for close to 1 minute.
7. Charcloth: Activate Charcoal Fabric formed from heat exposed linen.  Can sustain creation of embers. 
8. Match Striking Surface: pair with matches for ignition.
9. Tinder Tablets: Flammable, fuel soaked cotton beads. Fluff up material and provide spark to light fire.
10. Tinder Parchment: A waxed infused sheet of process natural wood. Can be torn and frayed to increase surface area for catching a spark. 
11. Tinder Paper: A waxed infused sheet of cardstock paper. Can be torn and frayed to increase surface area for catching a spark. 
12. Mylar Sealed Packets:  The majority, if not all, items are packaged inside small Mylar bags. The bags are labeled so you can identify what's inside before opening. The bags have a reflective inside layer and waterproof seal. Tear open to access supplies.

a. the standard option comes with both the covert pocket patch and all included kit contents.
b. the standalone/replacement kit includes all kit contents listed above but does not include a morale patch.