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Kit Accessories - add on items that attach to a paracord strap or fit in a patch.

Kit Accessories - add on items that attach to a paracord strap or fit in a patch.

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Kit Accessories

(standalone supplies that can be equipped to a paracord strap by placing under a ranger band, attaching to a buckle, or otherwise held in place. Many of these items can also easily fit inside our covert pocket patches. )


BUCKLE ADD-ONS (these supplies can be adhered directly to the flat part of some buckles or held otherwise equipped to buckle; Note: Sticker surface will not properly attached to LED Buckle.)

3 Pack of Buckle Stickers: Includes SOLAS, Glow, and Mirror Surfaces as detailed below.

v82 Hi-Res Reflective Surface, (SOLAS equivalent: Safety Of Life At Sea): Coast Guard approved signal and safety tape adhered to buckle. Use to communicate your location or MORSE Code. Waterproof. Long distance visibility.

Luminous Glow Light Surface: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output for seeing a map or operation orders in dark environments.

Reflective Signal Mirror Tape: use in sunny conditions as a short range signaling tool to alert others of your location.

Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade and Fire Striker (Wear Resistant - Non-Dulling Cutting Edge - Covert - Non Metallic - Concealable ). Strike against flint to create sparks, cutting blade for endless uses, razor sharp for shaving or skinning. (fits on underside of buckle held by ranger band)

Spare/Replacement Handcuff Key for Buckle: Polymer, non-metallic, concealed. Universal fit.

Hardened Mirror w/ protective film: Small peel and stick mirror with highly reflective properties for signalling or communicating. (STANDALONE MIRROR CAN BE ADDED UNDER RANGER BAND OR ATTACHED TO SOME BUCKLES/TOOLS)

LED Light Buckle Replacement unit and 2x batteries: if you LED buckle got wet or damaged you can easily pop out the old light unit and insert this replacement.

HIDEAWAY SUPPLIES (fit under ranger band, simply roll black rubber band to side then tuck/wrap these items under the ranger band against the strap) (some items fit best along the top of a bracelet and are held in place, lengthwise across the flat part of the bracelet)

Non-Metallic Handcuff key: TIHK brand with clip. Back up replacement for LEO, Military, Security Personnel or as concealed tool to defend against hostage/kidnapping/illegal detainments.

Improved Handcuff Key: advanced designed allows defeat of alternative security features(key blocking blades, large keyhole pins). Coated Stainless Steel, hollow build, lightweight. Compatible with High-Security Handcuffs (Russian BRS, Korean Yuil, German Clejuso).

Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide (MSB-TC) for breaking tempered glass windows (car side windows). 6.75mm x 3.25mm. Mohs scale hardness of 9 defeating all weaker materials (only diamond has a higher rating).

Bushman Wire 2': Metal, flexible, survival wire- Use to bind items, fashion a snare, hang a canteen over a fire, jimmy a locked car door, wrist tie, breadboarding, etc.

5x Tinder Wick Strands, retrieved from Fire Cord: A combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof. TIPS: A. Fray red wick to create a tinder nest. B. Light. C. Each 1 inch piece of wick will burn for up to 1 minute.

5ft Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) Sawing Cord: (200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) Saw branches/zipties/ropes- Fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire, make a trip line, use as garrote weapon. Adopted by US Army SERE specialists and NAVY Seals. TIPS: A. Use long back & forth sawing motions to reduce friction/damage to K.U.T. Concentrate sawing on a single point of item being cut. B. Wear gloves to protect your hand or create handles from a pen/stick.

4x MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet(2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.

2x F.A.T. First Aid Tinder, quick light cotton fire tinder soaked in anti-bacterial treatment. Packaged in waterproof & burnable plastic tinder straw. TIPS: Quickly get a fire started using as tinder. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to injury to prevent infection.

Thumb Tac Compass by County Comm: waterproof, shock resistant, glass dome crimped to brass housing. Operable in 0°-160°F ranges. Weight 1 gram, size 11mm x 4.5mm.

EDC Duel Screwdriver Bit: Stainless Steel, Matte, Flat head and Philips head bits for adjusting screws, prying, opening bottles. Key ring allows for grip and torque. (PAIR W/ KEYRING FOR TORQUE, LEFT LOOSE UNDER RANGER BAND)

Shim Pin: a modified hairgrip to improvise as a shim to sweep single locked handcuffs, paperclip documents, bookmark, zipper pull replacement, fashion “reach around tools” for handcuff key to reach keyhole when properly cuffed w/ rigid or hinged

Cyalume Red Stick (Military Grade NATO Chemlight, HI-VIS, 4yr Shelf Life in sealed packet) Break to activate. Illuminate documents, complete tasks in low light conditions. Use as signalling/comms device. Redlight prevents light fragmentation.