Mystery Patch Box (Limited Availability)

Mystery Patch Box (Limited Availability)

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We have packed up random covert pocket morale patches into ready to ship boxes. Each "box" is different and will be a surprise.  We've filled them with our own line of informational and utilitarian purposed patches and custom pocket morale patches.

  • Includes 3 or 10 Velcro backed morale patches
  • Each patch has a storage pocket built into the back. (Some may forgo the pocket option in exchange for other uses such as the duct tape patch)
  • Insert cash, fishing hooks, matches, razor, or other small essentials inside the patch. 
  • Some patches are jovial or reference pop-culture images while other patches display tips such as the 9 line medevac or marksmanship fundamentals. 

Grab a pack of patches!

*ships in a packet envelope, not a box 

*does not include kits