Target Hardening for Survival - Homestead or BOL Defense and Security [PDF]

Target Hardening for Survival - Homestead or BOL Defense and Security [PDF]

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Target Hardening for Home Defense and Survival
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This guide will provide home targeting techniques designed to deter criminal activity in urban and rural communities during societal normalcy. Advanced tips and plans are provided to further defend your home or bugout location during a declared State of Emergency or Civil Unrest.

Bottom Line Up Up Front (BLUF):

  • Landscaping Tactics to improve natural surveillance and line of sight to abnormal activity.
  • Access Controls for limiting pathways into property. 
  • Perimeter Implements to deter the desire, ability, and opportunity of marauders or criminal behavior that could lead to a home invasion or burglary.
  • Early Alert Systems for advanced warning of unwanted visitors. 
  • Entry Security Tips for doors and windows.
  • SHTF Defenses and Traps to detect and/or negate intrusion attempts.
  • Analysis of lighting, barricades, alarms, signage, and wayfinding using Environmental Design principles. 
  • Integrate resources such as Neighborhood Watch, Dog Walking Clubs, Law Enforcement Patrol and Property Checks, and N/CERT (Neighborhood/Community Emergency Response Team).